CONGRATULATIONS on becoming Scotland’s First Minister. A huge honour for anybody, but a gigantic leap for someone from a minority community.

I live in Helmsdale, a place I know you visited about five years ago. I hope you have happy memories of that visit. A beautiful place, I’m sure you will agree. Unfortunately, that beauty could be terribly scarred by the railroading of miles of 400KV cables carried on 52m high pylons as proposed by SSEN as part of their Spittal-Loch Buidhe-Beauly 400kV Connection project.

These pylons are being imposed on all the communities along the route with very little consultation and transparency. In fact, the need for the project hasn’t even been explained.

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We wholeheartedly support the drive to net zero by 2030 but not at the cost of our health and our communities.

My top priority for you is to develop a plan to deliver net-zero targets, but with the Highland communities at the heart of it so they can continue to develop and grow and showcase this magical part of the country at its best.

Paul Packham

I WAS so proud watching our first Scots/Asian, Muslim first minister being sworn in – Humza, your family must be proud.

I hope you will stand by your promises of challenging the wastemonster Section 35 order and will push for an indyref despite London treating us like a colony to be stripped of our abundant resources! Best wishes and may Allah bless you.

Jennifer Daly Work with Yes groups. We are numerous, all over Scotland Give us information that we can rely on regarding an independent Scotland.

Get MSPs and MPs on marches, speaking at rallies and visiting Yes stalls as much as possible. Any donations to the SNP should be ring-fenced for the indy campaign.

The National: The new FM unveiled a new-look Cabinet after he was officially appointedThe new FM unveiled a new-look Cabinet after he was officially appointed (Image: PA)

At present, we are relying on Believe in Scotland to provide us with facts. Their leaflets, booklets etc have kept us going.Don’t take us for granted.

Too many folk have died waiting and being strung along the road to another referendum. Get the young folk on board.

Good Luck.

M Noakes.

Many congratulations on your appointment as First Minister of Scotland – as the first of South Asian heritage. I hope you will continue with the progressive agenda of Nicola Sturgeon and her government, which has led to my continued support of the party thus far.

In terms of tackling the country’s issues, of which there are many, the economy and its continuing recovery must be put at the forefront of your and the party’s agenda.

I was extremely disappointed that you have scrapped the ministerial roles for older people and social security. Older and disabled people will no doubt be highly disappointed that they are of little importance to you and your government, unworthy of a dedicated voice in support of them.

Indeed, I remember that Scottish Labour have highlighted issues around the visible lack of support for disabled people in Scotland. Older people should not be seen as an “afterthought”, but rather as valued citizens, able to contribute actively to Scottish society and thus worthy of a dedicated first minister – the same is true of people with disabilities.

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Having said that, and in terms of social security and welfare, the SNP should be highly commended for the amazing work they have done so far in tackling child poverty in Scotland, with the additional Scottish welfare benefits that I am certain have helped so many struggling families across the country.

When tackling the economy, you must continue with the SNP’s brilliant work in striving to ensure that in this part of the UK and pending inevitable independence, our children always have a hot meal and a stimulating, warm living environment where they can thrive. Scotland’s children are Scotland’s future, and economic investment in them should be limitless, albeit within budget constraints.

I hope you will put your best foot forward and tackle the above issues with grit and determination, in a progressive and fruitful manner for all of Scotland’s people, regardless of their political views, and where they come from.


Congratulations Humza on becoming our party leader. I voted for you to see the use of Section 35 challenged. Thank you.

Jackie Harris Congratulations on your success and a well-run campaign. Please be bold with policies – look hard at a wealth tax/land tax and a National Energy Company. If there are legal constraints to progress, get Westminster to challenge and this will expose how our ambitions or vision are constrained by the existing settlement.

Angus Macdonald As a loyal SNP member, I feel much more attention needs to be given to the environment and to the manufacturing in Scotland of all the things needed to effect this, such as turbines, solar panels, batteries etc. This would greatly support Scottish finances and hence make more money available for the NHS, social care and education.

Betsy Barker As a democrat and a republican, could you refuse to attend the Privy Council? This would show the Scottish Government is serious about opposing the anti-democratic features of the UK state, which are being used to suppress our right to self-determination.

Allan Armstrong Congratulations, Humza, now make it your life’s mission to remove us from this toxic Union and drive independence forward. We’re not the party of devolution – we exist solely to regain Scotland’s independence, so let’s get it done.

Alan Calder

Dear First Minister, Firstly, congratulations on your appointment.

I have the following thoughts;

  • 1. Press hard for full control of all revenue from Scottish resources and products. Call on Westminster to devolve full borrowing powers.
  • 2 Press for control over immigration to Scotland ... encourage doctors and nurses to come to Scotland from the EU, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • 3, Find a medium so that facts can be delivered to voters re pensions, currency etc and press ahead with Scottish Central Bank plans. We need a platform to counter the propaganda and misinformation peddled by the UK Tory-supporting media. A TV channel, perhaps. and radio station.
  • 4. Continue to press the case for independence, ensure a factual road is shown to voters.
  • 5. Press for control over energy ... press for reversing the border in the North Sea which stole two oil fields from Scotland. Blair and Dewar saw to that.
  • 6. Educate voters with fact after fact after fact about our resources being stripped away.
  • 7. Hammer home the fact that we are in fuel poverty because we are asset-stripped.
  • 8. Use the Westminster rule book to disrupt legally the bills which cause harm to Scotland.
  • 9. Highlight day after day the damage caused by Brexit and remind voters that Starmer is a red Tory through and through.
  • 10. Tell Lisa Nandy MP and Westminster as a whole that Scotland is not a colony to have its assets stripped to reduce council tax in England and save her country from bankruptcy.
  • 11. Highlight the poor and scandalous behaviour of Westminster MPs, their expenses scandals and how they are divorced from reality – for example, Sunak’s swimming pool and Braverman’s loose attitude towards expenses ... hammer these matters home each and every day. The gloves are off, Peter Macari Please, Humza, listen to the grassroots independence activists. We have been working away for eight years expecting a referendum and each time it’s promised we are denied. There are lots of ideas and enthusiastic volunteers desperate to help make it happen. Best of luck!

Pat Farrington

Independence and radical land reform gang thegether. Humza, as you promised, please lodge the Land Reform Bill in 2023. That builds confidence to deliver indy .

Rob Gibson

Hold rallies, garner support, meet the people and talk up Scotland positively every day. We will work for the goal that is near !

John Anderson

I WISH you every success as our First Minister, Humza. Stick with it, I would love it for you to be the First Minister to achieve independence. Another first!

Neil Harrison

Congrats on your appointment. Hope this is the start of the final push for independence.

Jim McCormack

Congrats, Humza. My message to you is that independence above all else should be your priority, because the longer we take in getting it, the further we will all suffer being dragged further down by this Westminster government.

Calum Swanson

Congratulations on being appointed First Minister.

What I would like to know is: Westminster are basically holding Scotland back and refusing a referendum, although we have tried ... what gives them the right to stop us having a referendum? Why haven’t you gone to the European courts? We have been led a merry dance with SNP promises – when are you going to act and get us independence?

Thomas Barbour

Dear Humza Yousaf, congratulations on being First Minister of Scotland. Quite simply it’s time to fire the starting pistol. Glasgow, May 6. Declare independence as per the charter of Union. The UN, the EU, the USA ... all will back you. I heard you in Freedom Square in 2019 – let’s hear you again. Goan getyer jaikit.

Jim Clarke

I WANT a leader that will put the fight for independence first and who has the courage to do whatever is needed to remove the English yoke. It only takes one side to break a treaty if all other avenues have failed. No one ever got independence by asking the English nicely.

Deborah Shearer

First priority, INDEPENDENCE. Please engage with Salvo.

Fergus MacPhail

As we push forward for independence, would the cause not benefit from telling the Scottish population that independence will allow the Scottish Government to look into lowering the age of retirement to 65? No other party will be able to make such a promise.

Paul Melvin

So glad that it’s you. Many congratulations on the win. You will take Scotland forward to independence.

I would like you to keep the pledge regarding going to the polls on October 19, 2023, to both ratify your leadership and have a de facto election. There is the opportunity for the SNP to take the lead and there is going to be a human chain across Scotland on October 14 which will focus the world’s attention on us.

Louise Thomson

Humza, you said at hustings with hand on heart that you were a Republican – why then did you swear allegiance to an English king and also say that you would be attending his coronation? If you really are a republican, then I would expect you to act like one and not bow and scrape sycophantically to an English king or any royalty.

The National:

Perhaps attending the independence march taking place on Coronation Day would be more appropriate!

I think that the SNP need to start marching too and support the grassroots independence movement who work their butts off!

Anne Smart

We wish you all the very best, Humza, we’re sure you will be an excellent and caring First Minister. Our wish is for independence, and the sooner the better.

Will you set up a rebuttal unit to address all the blatant lies regarding Scotland and the SNP?

Mary Murray

Congratulations and well done. I am pleased with your new position and have high hopes of your leadership and for the future of Scotland.

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Please stress and drive as hard as we can and as fast as we can so that we are independent in my lifetime. I cannot wait too long as I am in the twilight years of my life and so very much want to celebrate a free nation of Scotland.

Please also ensure we remain a left-wing, socialist country, all inclusive and caring as the Scottish tradition dictates – we are nothing if not socialist. Good wishes to you and yours and the entire country. even those who oppose the dream.

John Reilly