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Letters Rishi Sunak’s treatment of the Greek PM was disgusting

AS a supporter of The British Museum – visiting it, very much appreciating it and buying items now and again from its large range of books, cards, replicas and the delicious little pyramid-shaped cakes they sell at the open cafe – I am yet a supporter of the idea of returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece. They are the spiritual crown jewels of the Parthenon in particular and that nation in general.

Letters Immigration was not the reason for Brexit, just the excuse for it

ISN’T Joanna Cherry right to highlight how the blue Tories have backed themselves into a corner over the deplorable Rwanda expatriation scheme; the result of opportunist policy to attract votes and flawed thinking for the last two to 13 years of this failing government’s tenure (UK can no longer complain about foreign courts after Rwanda ruling, Nov 24).

Letters Will you help fund a statue for ‘socialist saint’ John Maclean?

JOHN Maclean (August 24, 1879 - St Andrews Day, November 30, 1923) was not only Scotland’s greatest socialist “saint”, but internationally renowned. He held mass meetings and socialist economic classes, not only in Scotland but also in England, Ireland and Wales. He opposed the First World War, held Hands Off India and Ireland campaigns and took on the might of the British Empire. He also supported a Scottish Workers’ Republic before the birth of the modern SNP. Many of the founders of t

Letters Supplying weapons to Israel is immoral and indefensible

I READ the excellent article on Scotland and the arms trade by Rhys Crilley with great interest and not a little discomfort (Why Scotland needs to divest from the arms trade, Nov 22). I recall writing a letter to The National in May 2021 about the arms trade and the part played by companies based in Scotland and I’m afraid little, if anything, has changed.