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Douglas Ross never misses a chance to repeat his mantra of 'Nicola has taken her eye off the ball'
We are being told that a British Prime Minister can veto an 
 independence referendum, and get the Supreme Court to support him in this
Nicola Sturgeon is well aware that many are yet to be convinced about the merits of independence
Dominic Raab was reportedly unhappy to be replaced as Foreign Secretary by Boris Johnson
Simplistic demands for more ambulances ignore the fact that we need sufficient trained crews to operate them
Scotland's earlier end to the school summer holidays may be a factor in our Covid-19 infection rates currently being higher than those in England
Many people put more faith in buying lottery tickets than voting for politicians
Enric Miralles described the site of the Scottish Parliament as a 'natural amphitheatre' and envisaged citizens 'sitting, resting, thinking' together
Westminster wants to allow oil extraction in the Cambo oil field and to continue to issue further licenses for exploration and extraction in Scottish waters
Priti Patel has denied the latest claims that she breached the ministerial code