NICOLA Sturgeon has called on members of the media to respect her and her neighbours' privacy amid an ongoing investigation into SNP finances. 

The former first minister spoke with reporters outside her house after her husband Peter Murrell was arrested and released without charge earlier this week. 

She said that there were things she could not disclose about the investigation and admitted the last few days have been “difficult”. 

Sturgeon said: “There is obviously nothing I can say about the ongoing investigation much as there are things I might want to say I’m not able to do so other than to say that as has been the case there will continue to be full co-operation. 

“The last few days have been obviously difficult, quite traumatic at times but I understand that is part of a process.”

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She added that she understands “the scrutiny that comes on me as a public figure” and that this was something she had never shied away from. 

“But I’m also entitled to a little bit of privacy in my own home and my neighbours I think are also entitled to a wee bit of privacy as well. 

“Over the years, as a result of living next door to me, they’ve been subjected to more than their fair share of disruption and inconvenience and that has obviously been particularly the case over the last couple of days. 

“So as all of you do your jobs I hope and I know you’ll give some respect."

Sturgeon was speaking after her husband and former SNP chief executive Murrell was arrested on Wednesday but later released without charge. 

The National:

Police also searched SNP headquarters and have since left Sturgeon and her husband’s home following a multi-day search. 

A spokesperson for the former first minister has already confirmed that she had “no prior knowledge” of the arrest of her husband.