ON the eve judgment is passed by the Supreme Court, rallies continue to be added to the effort by Yes activists in reaction to the verdict.

There are now 16 rallies officially confirmed to be happening across Scotland on the day.

Originally eight were announced by the organisers, Time for Scotland, and subsequently the number has doubled through last minute mobilisation.

Stirling is the latest area to announce a demonstration. This will take place at Performance Stage, King Street/Murray Place at 5:30pm.

An unconfirmed report stated that Yessers in Oban are also organising a demonstration at Station Square, also starting at 5:30pm.

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The organiser for Stirling's event is Alan Smart, former head of broadcasting at the Scottish Parliament.

He said: "I vaguely heard of the intitiatve last week and once I realised the extent of the rallies, who was involved and where, I thought to myself - why is there nothing in Stirling or the central region?

Smart, who now writes and sings under the name Citizen Smart, got in toch with organisers, Time for Scotland, late on Sunday night and confirmed the event early on Tuesday morning. The location has been chosen as it is well-known and is regularly used to promote the Yes message. 

He said activists from Clackmannanshire were trying to decide whether to attend Glasgow or Edinburgh, whilst weighting up the time, money and inconvience to travel during rush hour. 

Smart said: "This rally is for central Scotland. It's for Alloa, Callander, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Crieff, Dunblane, Kirkcaldy and everywhere in between." 

The main rally is to be held at Holyrood and 15 others will be held in Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Selkirk, Inverness, Skye, Greenock, Orkney, Lochgilphead, Inverurie, Fort William, Stirling, Aberdeen, and Dumfries.

In Europe, 5 solidarity rallies are planned to take place in Paris, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, and Rome.

London SNP and Yes London are also organising to have a presence outside the Supreme Court from 6pm on Wednesday evening. Oxford is set to hold a solidarity rally, organised by Europe for Scotland.

Judgment will be handed down in the case on Wednesday, November 23 at 9.45am and SNP MPs are expected to be outside the court. It is understood at least 4 SNP representatives will be present for the verdict.

SNP and Alba have called on their members to join the efforts across Scotland in reaction to the verdict.

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SNP urged members to be “brave, bold and visible” and Alba urged members to “stand for Scotland”.

Activists are calling on all Yessers to show their support either at a rally or online. Earlier in the week one said: “If Scotland ever needed her old and new Scots, it’s now.”