SNP MPs and activists are set to head to the Supreme Court ahead of the decision on whether Scotland can hold a second independence referendum without Westminster’s approval.

The judgment is expected to be handed down in the case on Wednesday 23 November tomorrow at 9.45am and MPs are expected to be outside the court to hear the news. It is understood at least four SNP representatives will be present for the verdict.

Since the date for the Supreme Court’s indyref case verdict was announced, a number of rallies have been announced to mark the occasion.

In Scotland, 15 gatherings have been planned, including one at Holyrood and others in sites across the country, from Glasgow to Inverness and beyond.

London SNP and Yes London are planning to have a presence outside the Supreme Court from 6pm on Wednesdaytomorrow evening. Oxford is also set to hold a solidarity rally, organised by Europe for Scotland.

Across Europe, 5 rallies are planned. These are in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, and Rome.

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Kirsten Oswald MP, the SNP’s Westminster deputy leader, said: “This week is a significant moment in Scotland’s journey to independence, and it is encouraging that elected members from the SNP will be part of these rallies and sharing their views on independence alongside activists and others.

“Rallies such as these are crucial in amplifying the public’s voice, as well as strengthening positive engagement between elected members, activists and the public.”

SNP MP Douglas Chapman said that “Whatever the outcome from the Supreme Court, we all have a job to do this Wednesday. For MPs it’s about raising the issue in Parliament, asking questions and continue to build our teams back home in our constituencies. For supporters, Yessers and other activists, please join with others and be out on the streets if you can.

“Through our joint efforts we can send the message that independence is coming and that for the vast majority of Scots, we can no longer afford to be part of this failing Union – we need independence.

“Irrespective of the outcome, there has never been a better time to finish the job and I would ask everyone to concentrate on what unites us which is to create a fairer, wealthier and happier Scotland.”

Angus MacNeil, SNP MP for Nah-Eileanan an Iar, said: “The Supreme Court [decision] will be a historical moment for Scotland whichever way it goes we will have options.

“There are three broad possibilities: we get a referendum, or we have to use elections, or the Scottish Parliament might have to legislate. The third legislative option maybe the same upshot as a blocked referendum and we choose to use elections rather than a legal quagmire returning to the Supreme Court.

“Regardless, many will want to be there on Wednesday, a day that could be refreshing Scotland’s bid to be a normal independent nation away from the poverty and inequality of the UK.”

Brendan O’Hara and John McNally, the MPs for Argyll and Bute and Falkirk respectively, are also expected outside the court in the morning.

The Alba Party has also issued a call to their members to “stand for Scotland” by joining rallies across Scotland on Wednesday after the Supreme Court decision to demand that “enough is enough, it’s time for independence”.

A spokesperson said: “Alba stands for Scotland, and we will be supporting and encourage all of our members to get along to one of the Time for Scotland rallies taking place across the country.

“We have held over 40 pro-independence town hall meetings across Scotland since the start of summer and it is clear that people in communities across the country agree that enough is enough – it’s time for independence.

“Scotland’s future should be determined by the people of Scotland, not Westminster or the UK Supreme Court. We have been promised a referendum next year, and that is what the people of Scotland voted for. Democracy demands it is delivered.”