THE SNP are calling on their members to “take to the streets” to join rallies across Scotland on November 23, no matter the outcome to say, “Scotland is ready and we’re here to kickstart our campaign”.

In a historic move for the party, senior party figures are urging members to channel their emotions “through mass mobilisation” and say now is the time to “be bold and be visible” to the world.

Thirteen rallies have now been organised across Scotland. They will follow the announcement of the Supreme Court decision on whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to hold a referendum on independence without Westminster’s consent.

Toni Giugliano, the SNP’s policy development convenor, urged both representatives and members to attend the rallies in large numbers and make the day as noteworthy as possible in the eyes of the international media.

He said: “For something as important as this, with the Supreme Court decision and the wider context of everything going on, the SNP and their members need to be front and centre and I’m urging them to attend in large numbers.

”I’m keen to ensure the SNP put some weight behind these rallies. I understand why there is a hesitancy to not attend these unless the SNP organises them, but I think unless we do, they are organised without us.”

Giugliano added: “We need to support this with speakers and activists in the crowd – this is the Yes movement – and now is the time for us to get involved in mass mobilisation.

“People are angry and frustrated so it feels right to channel this through mass mobilisation and say, regardless of the outcome, Scotland is ready and we’re here to kickstart our campaign.”

SNP depute leader Keith Brown described the week ahead as “a significant moment in Scotland’s journey to independence” and encouraged supporters of independence to make their voices heard.

Brown added: “It’s encouraging that so many across Scotland are already pledging their support for Scotland’s democratic right to choose – and these rallies across the country play an important role in making the public’s voice heard.

“Many elected members and party activists from across the SNP will be attending these events, making the case for the people of Scotland to express their views on independence in a referendum.”

Kirsteen Fraser, SNP equalities convenor, made clear that no matter the outcome, the decision of the Supreme Court marks “a fork in the road” when it comes to Scotland deciding it’s future: “stay in a Union that is intent on ignoring Scotland’s right to self-determination or proceed with a vote on Scotland’s future”.

She added: “It is time for us to be brave, bold and visible across all spheres in public life about Scotland’s right to decide.

“We’ve been reticent in the party about engaging with rallies, protests, and demonstrations since 2014 to the point it can look like we have abandoned the field.

“While we are not the only pro-independence party, we are the largest and need to be leading the movement. We need to take to the streets to be visibly seen countering the corrupt and incompetent Westminster government helmed by the Tories.

Both Giugliano and Fraser told The National that traditional campaigning such as knocking on doors does have its place in the journey to independence, but with the verdict being as important as it is, supporters must be visible on a mass scale on the day.

Fraser said: “The SNP need to be visible, and the doorstep is not the only form of campaigning for independence. The world will be watching us on Wednesday. Let’s show them that Scotland is a land of choice, democracy, equality, and equity with Scotland’s people on the streets in the face of Tory callousness and indifference.”

The 13 rallies to be held across Scotland on the day of the Supreme Court decision have the intention to draw the world's eyes to Scotland. It will be live streamed, photographed and videoed by organisers, to then be sent to media outlets around the world – with the hope to get it on the Wednesday evening news in Europe.

Eight were originally announced with Skye, Inverurie, Greenock, Orkney, and Lochgilphead joining, consequently widening availability of events to activists.