EUROPE will stand in solidarity with Scotland in the face of the Supreme Court verdict, by holding support demonstrations in five European cities.

Europe for Scotland, a pan-European civil society initiative, said that local organisers are working on the events presently and “expect a dozen people in each location and hope for more”.

At each demonstration, a statement of solidarity with the Scottish people in support of the right of self-determination will be read out in each place in a different European language.

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Support demonstrations have been organised for Wednesday 23, in Brussels, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Munich.

Oxford will also host a demonstration.

Supporters will be in Brussels near the European Parliament, in Berlin under the Brandenburg Gate, in Rome in front of the Colosseum, in Paris at The Auld Alliance and in Munich in the central Marienplatz.

The National: The graphics created so far for the eventsThe graphics created so far for the events (Image: Europe for Scotland)

The group said: “In Scotland, millions of people are nervously waiting for judgement day. Demonstrations in defence of Scottish democracy will take place in several Scottish cities.

“The verdict is relevant for all Europeans that care about democracy, as well as all of us who want the Scottish people to have the right to choose their future and re-join our European family.

“That is why Europeans will stand in solidarity with our Scottish friends on the day of the verdict.”

Europe for Scotland brings together citizens from across Europe who want to express solidarity with Scotland post-Brexit. They are united in their conviction that an independent Scotland should be welcomed back in the EU.

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Europeans are also being encouraged to share with pictures on the day and post them on social media with the hashtag #TimeForScotland.

The groups French ambassador, Elise Tallaron, will read the statement of solidarity in Edinburgh whilst their Spanish ambassador, Bob Hastings, will do the same in Perth.