CABINET Office minister Michael Gove was filmed and photographed dancing at a techno club night in Aberdeen over the weekend.

Dressed in a dark suit with no tie, footage on social media shows Tory minister Gove dancing and throwing some interesting shapes at the Pipe club night in Aberdeen.

The club night organisers posted a video on Facebook which showed the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on the dancefloor, with the caption “Gove in the club.”

The National:

Gove 'loves to dance'

Adam Taylor, co-manager of Pipe, said Gove had been in the O’Neill’s pub downstairs and appeared interested when he came out and heard music.

He recalled: “I asked if he wanted to come upstairs and if he liked dance music and explained to him ‘it is pretty lively music, are you sure it’s your kind of night’, making sure he actually wanted to come up.

“He said ‘I love to dance’ and I said ‘it’s £5 to come up’ and he said ‘even for the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster?'”

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Taylor went on: “I expected him to go up and maybe just have a couple of drinks, the pub had closed, but when I next went up he was having a real good dance, he had incredible energy and stamina, he just kept dancing the whole night.

“He was pretty much the centre of attention apart from the music by that point, everyone was trying to get photos with him, a lot of people were buying him drinks, he seemed to be having a good time.”

Gove, the MP for Surrey Heath, appeared to be alone when he arrived at the venue at around 1.15am on Sunday, leaving at around 3am.

Why was Gove in Aberdeen?

The MP visits Aberdeen fairly regularly and was born in the city.

Gove grew up in the Kittybrewster area of Aberdeen, north of the city centre. He went to private school at Robert Gordon’s College there too, before heading off to continue his studies at Oxford.

The former journalist also spent time working at the Press and Journal before being elected to represent the Home Counties constituency of Surrey Heath for the Conservatives at the 2005 election.

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As one of the few Scots in the Johnson government Gove has become one of the loudest pro-Union voices among his colleagues in recent years, and was head of the doomed Union Unit for a time.

As part of his Cabinet Office role, Gove’s responsibilities officially include “oversight of constitutional policy” and “devolution issues and strengthening the Union”.

Gove has come under fire for his comments about fellow Scots before, including a 1992 attempt at stand-up comedy in TV series A Stab in the Dark.

In the video Gove says Scots are seen as “unattractive creatures” and delivers a monologue filled with stereotypes about Scottish people.