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MICHAEL Gove has left Scots in disbelief after turning up in an Aberdeen nightclub. 

The Tory minister has taken on many roles in his career, from education secretary to chief whip.

But now the Cabinet Office Minister is on the lookout for a new role – and it's going about as well as the previous ones did.

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Gove, who is originally from the Granite city, was seen freaking out Scottish revellers after he apparently turned up to local pub O'Neills by himself to showcase his dance moves, the Daily Recorded reported.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster raised more than a few eyebrows though after he was invited to the club Bohemia upstairs by those in the pub who were reportedly shocked to see him there.

A confident, if slightly tipsy, Gove strutted onto the dancefloor and proceeded to dance exactly how you think he would.

He was seen waving his arms, holding up invisible ceilings, twisting his hips and making every uncle at a Scottish wedding look good in comparison.

While his moves were questionable at best, the Tory was apparently bought drinks all night, according to the Record.

But some folk weren’t too impressed with his skills – or lack thereof.

One Twitter user wrote: “Michael Gove raving is utterly mesmerising. He trained at the Mr Bean Academy of Dance, apparently.”

Another added: “Michael Gove in Aberdeen & little fan boys around him. Gadz. I can’t unsee that.”

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Scots comedian Littlest Chicken wrote: “Sorry have a just witnessed Michael Gove mwi at a rave in Aberdeen??” while another suggested: “Michael Gove’s midlife crisis has gone up a couple of gears.”

User Laura said: “You won’t see a more cringey video on Twitter today..! Michael Gove dad-dancing upstairs at O’Neill’s in Aberdeen last night!”

Another simply added: "I need eye bleach."

To be fair to Gove, his visit has still gone down better than the last time his boss popped up to Scotland.