UNEARTHED footage of Michael Gove shows him mocking Scots, suggesting they beg for money and are seen as "unattractive creatures".

In the clip, Cabinet Office minister Gove delivers a monologue filled with stereotypes about Scottish people. 

He starts off giving some examples of capable Scots in the media, from Dr Finlay to Upstairs Downstairs's Angus Hudson. 

He goes on: “All these cardboard cut-out Scots conform to our image of ourselves, industrious, trusted and ingenious. But they’re all at least 20 years out of date.

"If we Scots could see ourselves as others see us, then we’d see this: *picture of Rab C Nesbitt*.

The National:

"For most English people the Scot is an unattractive creature. Most Scots in London are not professionals, they’re not in journalism, the law or in business, but in the London underground, begging."

Members of the audience then shout "get away" and boo Gove.

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He continues: “They’re handicapped only by the impenetrability of their accent. The Scots ability to wheedle money of the English isn’t restricted to drunks on the embankment, drunks in Westminster have shown they’re good at it too.

"A Scot rarely opens his mouth in Parliament without simultaneously extending an outstretched palm. Labour may have got it wrong in choosing John Smith – I like him because he looks like my dad. But when the English hear his passionate appeal for a redistribution of wealth, he’ll do what they always do when they hear a Scotsman ask for money. Walk away.”

A Stab in the Dark was a 1992 programme hosted by David Baddiel, Tracey MacLeod and Gove. 

In recent years, Baddiel and MacLeod have criticised the show, calling the presentation of it "appalling".