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Comment Chris McEleny: This is why I left the SNP to join the Alba Party

WHEN Alex Salmond signed up Jimmy Reid to the SNP, that’s when I knew I also had to join. As a son of the Clyde and an apprentice electrician, I remember feeling proud at work listening to older journeymen talk about Jimmy, who had helped to lead the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work in, coming out for independence.

Letters Decide for yourself if I supported keeping Trident on the Clyde

BILL Kidd MSP’s opinion piece “Why there should be no backtracking on Trident” (September 9) is centred on Mr Kidd’s take on an interview I gave to the UK Defence Journal. Mr Kidd seems to present an narrative that I want to see Trident kept on the Clyde long-term, as well as not really understanding the subject matter.