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REVIEW Mark Brown: A compelling Macbeth isn't helped by over-hyped staging

THIS production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, currently playing at the cavernous Royal Highland Centre (RHC) at Ingliston, has been eagerly anticipated. There has been excitement, of course, about the lead roles (of the titular regicidist and his complicit wife) being played by the celebrated actors Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma.

COMMENT Mark Brown: The real truth about Israel, Palestine and antisemitism

THE current slaughter in Gaza (Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s description of it as a “war” is a cynical euphemism) has raised again the question of what does, and what does not, constitute antisemitism. In his “alternative Christmas message” on Channel 4, the Jewish comedian and actor Stephen Fry hung the current rise in antisemitism in Britain on people’s responses to recent and current events in Israel and Gaza.