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Shona edits the National Conversation section of the paper and also writes a weekly Prime Minister's Questions sketch and a Friday column, which usually takes a sideways look at the week's developments in Scottish, UK and international politics.

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LETTERS Douglas Ross clearly has selective outrage when it comes to the NHS

THIS week saw Holyrood and Westminster get back to business. We first had PMQ on Wednesday and then FMQ on Thursday. A rare occurrence at PMQs was the attendance of the Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross MP and MSP in the House of Commons. He got the opportunity to put a question to the PM, but avoided questioning his on the NHS crisis in the UK.

COMMENT The Tories Rwanda policy will only work as a vote deterrent

A FRIEND recently introduced me to the concept of Whamageddon – the aim is to get through the whole of Advent without hearing a single recognisable snippet of the festive classic Last Christmas. I crashed out within weeks, but on the plus side, it really is a great tune. Would Christmas be the same without it?

COMMENT JK Rowling’s extra support for women in Edinburgh is welcome

TALK about putting your money where your mouth is. The news that JK Rowling has established a women-only centre for survivors of sexual violence should be music to the ears of both her supporters and her detractors. Who wouldn’t welcome additional support for women who have endured these horrific experiences? God knows it’s needed.

TRAVEL Shona Craven: Designer bothies offer rural bliss on the urban doorstep

AS the nights darken to pitch black and the temperature drops, venturing into the woods of central Scotland might not be everyone’s idea of a comfortable mini-break. However, a trio of new eco-friendly lodges in Alloa are extremely cosy, a little luxurious and not too far off the beaten track ... and they might just inspire you to boost your own home’s green credentials.