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Why we must follow the Welsh example in planning for indyref2

AT a time when independence has become a majority view in Scotland, it is probably a good time to point out that there is no need at all for the independence movement to be sitting around passively through this moment. If you don’t believe me, join me in taking a little look at Wales.

COMMENT This is the question we should be asking ourselves about indyref2

WHEN should Scotland hold another referendum on independence? The answer that I give to this hasn’t changed since September 19, 2014 – this is the wrong question. The question for me is how quickly can Scotland achieve its independence? A referendum is part of that – but it is only a part, and it’s not the first part. So to understand this, let me work backwards. If Scotland wants to establish itself as an independent country we should want to do so avoiding a “no deal” scenario with the rUK.

We don’t need a date for indyref2 yet – but we do need to launch a new campaign

THERE is now clearly a debate about referendum timing among the independence movement and it is becoming polarised and heated. I want to argue that both sides are looking at this in slightly the wrong way, that we need to be a bit more clear-sighted on where we are just now but that this helps us to identify a path forward which is capable of unifying us all.