I VERY much agree with Pete Wishart regarding his statement that the SNP’s message of members making Scotland Tory-free is “unhelpful” (SNP urged to drop ‘Tory-free’ election campaign message, Mar 18). This message is both negative and undemocratic. While I may disagree with most of what the Tories stand for, they have the right to have these views, just as we have the right to have a different point of view.

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I have been on many independence marches and heard the chant “Tories Tories Tories OUT”, thinking this very childish, negative and undemocratic. The SNP should be more concerned with pushing a positive message of Scottish independence, and less with attacking other parties.

Ian MacTaggart
via email

IN our constituency the threat is Tory, but Scotland-wide the main Unionist threat is from Labour. Take your eyes off the ball and they’ll get in through the back door. Much as I support Humza, he’s got this wrong.

Louise Thomson
via thenational.scot