The SNP’s longest-serving MP has said he will not use one of the party’s key messages in the upcoming General Election campaign.

Ahead of an expected Westminster vote in the latter part of this year, the SNP have set their sights on wiping out the Tories in Scotland, winning all seven of the seats currently held by Rishi Sunak’s party.

On Saturday, First Minister Humza Yousaf addressed SNP activists, using the phrase “Tory-free” multiple times and telling Scottish Tory MPs: “The SNP is coming for you.”

But on Sunday, Pete Wishart – who has been an MP since 2001 – said he would not be using the same messaging.

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“Much as I will be doing everything possible to ensure that the Tories are kept out of Perth and Kinross-shire I won’t be using this ‘Tory-free’ rhetoric as part of my campaign,” he said on X, formerly Twitter.

The Scottish Tories pointed out Wishart had already used the phrase in a post on X just over a week ago.

Aberdeen Independence Movement has also described the SNP's messaging as "counterproductive".

A post on its Twitter/X said: "The Tory Free SNP message is counterproductive in terms of achieving independence.

"We will have Tories in an independent Scotland and we will need some Tory votes to achieve that independence.

"Messaging that they are going to be shut out is really not going to help."

Yousaf urged members at the SNP's National Council in Perth to send a message to Scottish Tory MPs that “time is up” for them.

He said: "Most seats across Scotland are a straight fight between the SNP and the Tories. Let us resolve, here and now, to win each and every one of those Tory seats. From the Highlands to the Borders, let’s rid this country of Tory MPs once and for all.

"Whether it’s in May, or November, or any month in between – let the message from our party be heard loud and clear by every Tory MP in Scotland. Your time is up and the SNP is coming for you."