TIME to rise up. The Conservative Party have 350 MPs elected to the House of Commons in Westminster. For some reason, which escapes me, they have not within their vast majority one person who has wit enough to be the Foreign Secretary.

Well look at the recent list: James Cleverly, Liz Truss, Dominic Raab, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson – five in seven years. Stable as a sandcastle at high tide – the United Kingdom’s foreign policy.

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The United Kingdom is a laughing stock around the world. So devoid of talent is the parliamentary Conservative Party that they have now to farm out to the retirement benches and plant yet another Tory in the unelected House of Lords, as they turn to David “whatever the outcome of the Brexit referendum I will continue as Prime Minister” Cameron. He ran away from the mess and left us with Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak – four in seven years.

Is this what the people of England voted for? Obviously it is, and sadly a few Scots vote for the Tories as well.

Time to rise up, Scotland. Do we really want a failed Prime Minister to be our Foreign Secretary? Scotland voted to remain in the European Union. David Cameron was a key player in the loss of our membership.

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I heard a group at a Hope Over Fear rally in Freedom (George) Square in Glasgow called the Kymatiks, and they sang a song “RISE UP”.

It is time, Scotland. The problems our citizens endure day by day. The huge cost of living. The price of energy – when we produce green electricity by the pokeful and the UK Government dishes out oil drilling licences to the detriment of the environment, and the profit of multinational companies, claiming that producing our own oil reduces imports when we all know that oil is distributed through the world market.

It is time to get emotional, Scotland, and to understand that our future is not in the ashes of the failure of the UK but as a free independent country, back into the European Union where we will be treated as equal partners in the largest single market.

Come on Scotland, it is time to rise up. Thousands of us stood in a Chain of Freedom to show the world Scotland needs and wants to be free.

Reject the time-travelling into the past with Cameron. Show everyone your enthusiasm, inspire others in the knowledge that we will do so much better for all our citizens. There are plenty of people who have never turned up to an independence event and they have no idea what independence supporters do in the cause. People tend to want to do what the majority do. The road to independence will be based upon the majority of Scots supporting the idea.

SNP, Alba, Greens and everyone else who wants independence, get it singing in your ears the phrase of Lesley Riddoch “We are all YES” and rise up.

Cher Bonfis
via email

SUELLA Braverman did make a couple of general points in her letter that I actually agree with (Suella Braverman launches scathing attack on Rishi Sunak in letter after sacking, Nov 14). Sunak is not a leader by any definition of the word, nor does he have the strength of character or personality to be one. He is more concerned about keeping his job than he is about doing it. The rest is the start of the Tory civil war. Sit back and watch the far right and the even further right – excluding Labour of course on this occasion – tear each other to bits.

Roy Doig
via thenational.scot

WHEN does Suella’s GB News show start?

David Dulcie
via email