A SENIOR Labour MP has come under attack for claiming that SNP have withdrawn their amendment to the King’s speech in the House of Commons calling for a ceasefire in Gaza live on radio.

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s shadow secretary for international development, was invited on to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme to speak to her party’s position ahead of a potential ceasefire vote in the Commons on Wednesday.

The SNP has tabled an amendment that calls on the Government to “join with the international community in urgently pressing all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire”.

It remains unclear whether it will be selected for a vote by Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

However, the shadow secretary stated the motion had been withdrawn.

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When asked by presenter Evan Davis if she could set out Labour’s frontbench position in the case of a vote, Nandy said: “Well, we don’t yet know what the SNP is proposing to do, they did have an original motion that they tabled which has been withdrawn, and I understand they are proposing to potentially table another.”

Broadcaster Lesley Riddoch posted on Twitter/X what Nandy had said, writing: “Lisa Nandy on PM programme says SNP has withdrawn its ceasefire motion. Is that right @StephenFlynnSNP?

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn replied denying the claim, writing: “Just listened to @lisanandy state on Radio 4 that the SNP have withdrawn our ceasefire amendment. This is categorically not true.

“As a senior Labour figure I’m hoping that this is simply the result of a poor briefing from an aide rather than a wilful attempt to mislead.”

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SNP chief whip Owen Thomson MP also replied to Riddoch, stating: “No this is not true, we have not withdrawn our amendment".

Riddoch replied: "Then call BBC and correct misinformation!"

The BBC have been approached for comment.

The Labour MP went on to confirm Labour is to lodge an amendment but denied this calling for a ceasefire. Nandy said, “it’s right that we give MPs, particularly Labour MPs, the opportunity to vote for the Labour position” as the violence and bombing in Gaza continues to escalate, and “that is why we will be tabling an amendment later today to the King’s speech in order to set out our position”.

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She said the Labour amendment would call for aid to go into Gaza, the release of hostages, and “longer humanitarian pauses”.

When asked what the instruction would be from Labour leadership when it came to a potential vote on an SNP amendment calling for a ceasefire, she said: “What the SNP do is a matter for them. We’ll be expecting Labour MPs to vote for the Labour position – we don’t know yet the SNPs position or whether it’s going to be selected –“.

Nandy was interrupted with the hypothetical position of an SNP motion, which is not hypothetical as it has not been withdrawn, stating “let’s suppose it’s a ceasefire, will they [Labour MPs] be sacked if they vote for the ceasefire?”.

Nandy replied: “Well, whipping decisions are obviously a matter for the chief whip and I don’t think he or my colleagues will take kindly to me making them live on the radio, but what I would say is that we’ve been very clear, that whilst we all want to see an end to the violence as quickly as possible, we are also clear having spent time in the region in the last couple of weeks, and worked very closely with partners across the board that the only viable prospect – as the UN humanitarian coordinator has said – is to extend humanitarian pauses, to get aid in, to get the hostages out.”

Nandy was then challenged with the fact the UN has called for a ceasefire “in the name of humanity”.

The interview came as First Minister Humza Yousaf shared a report by The Telegraph reporting that Keir Starmer is “preparing to sack Labour shadow ministers who vote in favour of backing a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict”.

It is understood by the publication that prominent figures close to the Labour leader believe more than 10 Labour frontbenchers could end up supporting the SNP amendment if it is selected for a vote on Wednesday.

Yousaf wrote on Twitter/X: “Keir Starmer is reportedly threatening to sack any Labour frontbench MP who votes for a ceasefire tomorrow. What a complete lack of moral leadership. The SNP will force a vote on a ceasefire.

“This is a plea for every MP to do the right thing and vote with their conscience.”