IF anyone was in any doubt as to whether Scotland can regain its independence through the good auspices of Westminster’s “democratic” process, they surely know the answer now.

The UK Government handing out North Sea oil and gas licences (fulfilling the purpose of Tory Party donations) and hiking the tax on whisky are proof positive that it considers Scotland an all-too-important cash cow and will always deny Scotland its fundamental democratic rights. Indy will not be won by that route alone without direct action both internally and internationally.

Clearly Sunak’s away-day visit to Scotland was redolent of the colonial master putting the locals in their place and reminding them who is the boss. The only surprise was surely that our feudal King wasn’t called on to press the flesh in support and remind we minion Scots of our place at the basement of the power tower.

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However, don’t we really deserve the subjugation the establishment places on us? Because we meekly accept it.

Shouldn’t it not just be young climate activists who are up in arms about this latest exploitation of carbon that nature buried deep to afford us the planet we have today and sustain our lives? It should be all of us reining in those who eschew a decent planet so they can make money polluting it.

Only an independent Scotland can choose a different, sustainable path. We really do have to get indy done. Even if we have to take it ourselves just many other previous British colonies had to before us.

Jim Taylor


KAREN Adam (below) is quite right. It is not only time but long overdue that the UK Government should give its support to the Acorn carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at St Fergus in Aberdeenshire. The first attempt to get into CCS dates back to the days of the last Labour government.

The TV newsreaders were so enthusiastic about the announcement by Rishi Sunak of two new CCS projects that they didn’t have time to look in the archives, where they would discover equally enthusiastic reports on CCS, leading up to the award of front-end engineering and design study contracts for a Peterhead power station incorporating CCS, paid for by the UK Government.

The National: Karen Adam MSP SNP free.

This culminated in news of seeking permission from the Crown Estates for the shore work and an application for planning permission to Aberdeenshire Council in 2015, with the station due to open in 2020. It was all ready to go until the UK Government pulled out in December 2015.

The TV news may be full of enthusiasm for the new CCS project at Peterhead but Scots may be sceptical as they have seen it all before. After the next General Election, Scotland might well be lumbered with a new polluting power station (minus CCS) it doesn’t need instead of more green pump storage to make more efficient use of our wind and tidal energy assets.

John Jamieson

South Queensferry

FOR the past number of years, the Scottish people have returned a large contingent of SNP parliamentarians to both Holyrood and Westminster. That majority in each case was based on the raison d’etre of the SNP as a party – Scottish independence.

Yet we have the likes of Alister Jack and George Foulkes rabbiting on about how the Scottish Government should be responding to the will of the Scottish people, instead of publishing papers about independence or using the civil service to set the wheels in motion.

Eh?? Whit? Independence has been shown repeatedly to be the will of the majority of the voting public in Scotland ... and by the way, chaps, the money is Scottish ... we more than pay our way so stop kidding about Barnett formula!

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The Scottish Government, with an independence-supporting majority of members, correctly aims to implement its manifesto ... despite an arrogant, headline-seeking non-elected peer and an “I’m being good so I’ll wait to get my peerage” Secretary of State whimpering to the opposite – repeatedly Scottish MSPs and MPs are mocked for their stance. Time, lads an lassies, to step up and let these little men know in no uncertain terms that their pathetic posturing only makes us more determined to unite, not under their Union Flag but under the one we are most proud of – the Saltire. Keep whingeing, chaps Belly aching gets photo ops, nothing else!

E Ahern

East Kilbride

WHILE it is laudable to produce booklets such as the Citizenship in an independent Scotland paper, the average man or woman will most likely find them heavy going to read.

A document of short facts about what an independent Scotland could be is more likely to be read by Joe Public, perhaps a list of measures already benefitting the Scottish people and what we could lose if we meekly submit our aims to an increasingly uncaring Westminster government, regardless of which shade of colour voted in.

Stop producing these tomes of wordy documents and get out something eye-catching that Mr or Mrs Average will read.

Graham Smith


AS well as being afraid to debate independence at government level, the Unionists stifle it at local level, too. I tried to buy The National at two newsagents in Crail to no avail. In the first I was told

I could get it tomorrow but it could not be held for me.

This turned out to not be the case as I was advised the next day “we do not carry it”. What is the mindset of people who will happily stock rags such as the Daily Mail or Express but will not sell The National?

Colin Harvey


PRO-INDEPENDENCE abstention has increased significantly in Catalonia at the last two elections, no clear roadmap for independence and failure to deliver on promises being the main cause.

In the recent elections, all the independence parties lost votes mainly due to abstention from their supporters. The SNP need to take note and be careful they do not suffer the same fate.

Iain Wilson