A BLESSING from an angel turns a Union flag to a Saltire in a cheeky nod to Scotland in a smash-hit Amazon series.

The moment comes in Good Omens season two episode three, which stars Scottish actor David Tennant as a demon named Crowley and Welsh star Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale.

The first series, a joint venture between Amazon and the BBC, was so successful that a second was commissioned.

The as yet Amazon-exclusive second series was released on July 28, and features a nod to Scotland in one scene filmed in the country.

Sheen’s character, the angel Aziraphale, is standing in what he declares to be “a graveyard in Edinburgh” – although it looks to have been filmed in the Old Town Cemetery in Stirling.

He sees two brutish looking men walking nearby, and asks them: “Excuse me, I hate to be a bother but do either of you gentlemen happen to possess a mobile phone that I can use?”

One man replies: “Are you entirely out of your wee mind?”

But the other obliges, reaching into his pocket to lend his phone, which is shown to have a Union flag as its wallpaper.

The man says: “I’m out of minutes but mostly I just use it for Twitter and Grinder.”

Sheen’s character then calls the bookshop he owns, and speaks to Tennant’s Crowley on the other end of the line.

The National: A scene from Good Omens, which will premiere on May 31 (Amazon Prime Video/PA)

After their conversation ends, Aziraphale hands back the phone he has borrowed, saying: “Blessings be upon you, and your phone. And Twitter and Grinder, whatever they happen to be.”

The man turns over his phone in his hands, which looks in much better shape than before he passed it to the angel – and has a new background image to boot.

Instead of the Union flag backdrop he had previously, a blue Saltire is the phone’s wallpaper.

When he questions the change, Sheen’s character asks: “Oh, did you like it better the other way?”

“No, whatever you did … thank you!” the man replies.

Ruth Watson, from Keep Scotland the Brand, noticed the moment and shared it on social media.

"Loved Good Omens 2," she wrote.

"There's a wee gem of a moment in Scotland in episode three, where Aziraphale borrows a mobile phone from two thugs and hands it back saying 'blessings on your phone...'

"Nice to see a wee indy moment in something so mainstream."

Good Omens is based on the novel written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, which was published in 1990.

The second series is available to view on Amazon Prime video.