SO Mhairi Black is coming home. I do not think for one moment this is in any way a stage-managed political stunt but no doubt that’s not how the Unionists will see it. It does, however, throw up a salient point.

I would suspect the current FM will have a short tenure as he will not deliver. If Mhairi could be persuaded to stand in the next Holyrood election we would have a ready-made First Minister who would inspire us in a way that is not possible at the moment.

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As a side note, my wife buys the Daily Baillie and I am amazed at the coverage she gets in that paper. She is portrayed as some sort of answer to all problems yet only gets elected through blatant tactical voting by the “Anyone but SNP” brigade. It just makes you wonder how the independence vote would go up if papers that purport to stand up for Scotland came out and did just that.

All those thinking Sir Keir is going to help Scotland need to take a step back and think about it. The only answer for this wonderful country is to get out of this union that we did note vote for, ASAP.

Old John