MHAIRI Black shook her head in disgust at an invitation to join in celebrations for the King’s “second coronation” in Edinburgh at PMQs.

After the SNP MP announced she would be standing down at the next General Election, she got an opportunity to tear into the UK Government’s record on the NHS while the Prime Minister and Labour leader Keir Starmer attended an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the health service.

The party’s deputy Westminster leader remarked upon two quotes both the Government and Labour Party had made about the private health sector, one saying “it’s about using the private sector more, something we should be very comfortable with” and the other stating “people go as NHS patients to the private sector and we could do more of it”.

As she asked Dowden to identity which one had come from the PM and which one had come from the opposition, Dowden responded with: “I’m sure she will wish to join me in celebrating His Majesty King Charles receiving the Scottish regalia as we speak.”

Black looked towards her colleagues with a bemused expression before shaking her head at Dowden as a chorus of heckes rang around the chamber. 

He added: "There’s always time for a damascene conversion."

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The deputy PM said he was "genuinely sorry" to hear about Black quitting, remarking upon how they joined the Commons at the same time.

Black came back with a jibe saying: "I’m pretty sure we’ll be leaving at the same time."

She then asked Dowden whether he would admit the damage Brexit had inflicted on the NHS workforce.

Black said: "The number one problem that faces the health service is workforce and research shows Brexit has worsened the UK’s shortage of doctors, European nurses registering to work in the UK fell by 90% after the Brexit referendum. What more will it take for both him and the Labour party to admit the damage Brexit is causing the health service?"

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Dowden responded with: "We announced an additional £2.4 billion for our groundbreaking NHS workforce plan.

"That’s the first time in the NHS’s history that has happened. If you look at the record since this party came to power, almost 40,000 more doctors and almost 50,000 more nurses."

Elsewhere at PMQs another outgoing SNP MP Angela Crawley attacked the Government's "dismal" economic record and called for an early General Election.

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She said: "This government's record is pretty dismal. Spiralling out-of-control inflation, interest rates set to hit 6.5% by the end of the year, energy prices double the rest of Europe, food shortages and stikes across the public sector and the NHS, and graduates leaving university today with mountains of debt and with little to no prospect of home ownership.

"Will the Deputy Prime Minister admit his Government’s failure and urge the Prime Minister to call a General Election?"

Dowden replied by attacked the SNP's record around delivering ferries and a Deposit Return Scheme, which was effectively blocked by the UK Government.

He said: "Rather than focusing on playing politics we are delivering for the British people.

"I listened to the honourable lady’s litany and I noted her leader has been in power for 100 days and what’s their record been? Three failing first ministers, two unfinished ferries and a failed Deposit Return Scheme. I think we can all agree the people of Scotland deserve better."

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner asked questions of the Government on no-fault evictions, which there has been a 116% increase in this year.

She said: "Will he tell us if the Prime Minister has a spine now to stand up to the vested interests in his own party and finally deliver their promise to ban no-fault evictions?”

Dowden said his Government would continue to stand behind renters, a response Rayner described as "pathetic".