NO sooner has Boris been found guilty of what is laughingly called “misleading parliament” – which we ordinary mortals more accurately call lying – than up steps Robert Jenrick, Home Office minister, to try to outdo him. His comment to Alison Thewliss that “the SNP don’t house refugees in Scotland” is either a blatant lie or proves that he knows very little of his own brief.

Is he unaware of the numbers of refugees housed here in hotels, or the support not long ago demonstrated in Glasgow in defying a deportation? How about the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme which saw huge numbers of Ukrainians housed or welcomed into the homes of ordinary Scots and given the chance to become part of and contribute to our society?

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My own family, having recently inherited a flat, offered it to a Ukrainian family, who are now well settled, with both parents working, the children at school, all popular with neighbours and all involved in various ways with the community. They will stay as long as they need, and hopefully the likes of Jenrick will not suddenly think up a new rule to force them out.

I find Jenrick’s comments not only ignorant and disrespectful but insulting. As a Home Office minister, he should surely know that in 2021-2 Scotland, with around 8% of the UK population, took in 13% of the refugees resettled. So which other part of the 92% of the UK took in fewest of the remaining 87%?

L McGregor

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I MUST say it was refreshing to read recent comments from various National correspondents covering the theme of next year’s General Election campaign being won on a clear Scotindy message from the First Minister, and whether the idea of preparation enters the scheme of things rather than negotiating an exit with the Brit-Brexit government after the event.

Indeed, as pointed out in a letter by Dr Iain Evans (Jun 27), why are we not already negotiating a UK exit, as the SNP have had a solid majority of Scottish MPs since 2015 (currently 45!)?

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It appears that the FM and the SNP want to take the chance and set up yet another mandate, backed by the Scottish electorate, for next year’s seriously important vote for Scotland and the Scottish independence movement. So, what do we do between now and this de facto referendum to ensure success? We certainly don’t sit on our hands!

I perceive that the SNP and Scotindy groups like Believe in Scotland, AUOB, Salvo, Common Weal etc need to gradually take the campaign to the British government and their colluding Unionist press/media to win the argument. How do we do it?

I remember a National reader who last year reacted to that ludicrous anti-constitutional UK Supreme Court judgement against the Scottish Government by erecting a flagpole and Saltire in his front garden. I immediately displayed the well-used SNP pro-indy message, “Scotland’s Future, Scotland’s Choice” on the tailgate of my car – such a fitting message, especially after this English court deemed me (plus millions of other Scottish people) to be a second-class citizen who is not allowed to vote on the future of my own country, Bella Caledonia.

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My main point is that more people need to become active in taking the message to the many people in communities all over Scotland who are “switched off” to the whole issue in my humble opinion. We need to liven up the debate and make people aware of the unconstitutional position we are in. I think the SNP and others can play their part in providing catchy leaflets, banners, posters, postcards – different ways to spread the positive message of Scotland’s positive future as an independent country.

Scottish humour can also play a huge part in this political campaign/fightback to win hearts and minds – for example, humorous leaflets/cards depicting a smiley cartoon character, say Nessy, telling an observer/reader that “independence is normal” and waving a Saltire.

Imagination is key to achieving our ultimate goal – PLAY TO OUR STRENGTHS AND WE WILL WIN! And no more political dithering or “kicking the can down the road” after the job is done!

Bernie Japs

I HAVE not seen much publicity given to the recent passing of the whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg at the age of 92.

Daniel Ellsberg was the American who leaked he Pentagon Papers to reveal the truth about the Vietnam War. They showed that virtually everything the American public had been told by its leaders about the Vietnam War, from its origins to its current conduct, was false.

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The leak itself did not end the war, and Ellsberg regretted not having come forward years earlier. He spent the rest of his life as a peace activist, encouraging others to reveal government illegal behaviour, and supporting those others who did. But his leaks resulted in a landmark decision in favour of freedom of the press, and led to the downfall of the US president Richard Nixon.

Ellsberg demonstrated outside the White House with placards saying “END THESE WARS! NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT YEAR, NOW!” This is what intelligent people all over the world are saying, men and women.

Ellsberg likened the “weapons of mass destruction” excuse for invading Iraq to the Gulf of Tonkin affair, which was the Americans’ excuse for the Vietnam War. In 2021 he released government memos from 1958, showing that the joint chiefs of staff had prepared a nuclear first-strike against Chinese bases on Quemoy and Matsu during the Taiwan Strait crisis.

The foregoing proves to me that the United States has been the BIGGEST threat to world peace for the past hundred years.

Margaret Forbes