A TOP refugee charity has called out a Tory minister’s “wild inaccuracies” after he twice falsely claimed in parliament that Scotland does not house asylum seekers.

The Home Office has been asked if Robert Jenrick, the Conservatives’ immigration minister, will correct the record after it was suggested that he was “knowingly lying” to MPs.

Jenrick’s comments came after SNP home affairs spokesperson Alison Thewliss spoke of her experience at Refugee Week, a festival with events around the world celebrating the contributions of people forced to flee their homes for safety.

The Tory minister said: “I’m delighted that [Thewliss] celebrated Refugee Week. I don’t know if any refugees came to it because the SNP don’t house refugees in Scotland.”

He later reiterated his false claim, saying: "If the SNP cared about this, they would welcome asylum seekers into their own part of the UK – but they don’t.”

Thewliss said Jenrick should be “ashamed” of his comments, accusing him of “lying” to parliament.

The Scottish Refugee Council and its chief executive both spoke out against the Conservative’s comments.

The council said: “We are truly shocked by the wild inaccuracies shared here by immigration minister Robert Jenrick.

“The minister is either knowingly lying or is not aware that Scotland welcomes thousands of people seeking sanctuary each year. We are not sure which is more concerning.”

“With the proposal of the inhumane Illegal Migration Bill and the increase in far-right rhetoric, including from the UK Government, it is vital that we call out these blatant falsehoods,” it added.

The National:

Sabir Zazai (above), the charity’s chief executive and a former asylum seeker himself, said: “Refugees exist in Scotland, Mr @RobertJenrick, but the only difference is that we count them in as New Scots.”

SNP MP John Nicolson said: “Scotland doesn’t take refugees? Words have no meaning for many Tory ministers.

“He must know what he’s saying at the despatch box is untrue. If not he’s woefully misinformed. Either way he should apologise. Truly Boris Johnson has infected his colleagues.”

Johnson, a former prime minister, resigned as an MP in disgrace after he was found to have repeatedly and deliberately misled parliament.

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The UK Government’s ministerial code states: “It is of paramount importance that ministers give accurate and truthful information to parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity.

“Ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister.”

Home Office data from 2020 to 2021 published last year showed Scotland took in around 13% of all refugees resettled in the UK during that period – above the country’s population share of 8% of the UK total.

The Home Office has been asked if Jenrick plans to adhere to the ministerial code and correct the record.