I HAVE refrained from commenting on the Stone of Destiny issue for some time, because the whole business is utter nonsense. The stone which was taken to London recently is very likely to be the stone which Edward I of England stole from Scone in 1296, but it is certainly is not the famed Scottish Stone of Destiny.

We do not know where the original stone came from, but we do know that it came from Ireland, and was held in Argyll for a long time before it was taken to Scone. We know that it was used at the coronation of John Balliol in 1292 and that Edward tried to steal it in 1296. The original Stone of Destiny was not originally from Scone at all and was not made of Scone granite. So this stone must be a fake.

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We also know that two years after he took the stone from Scone, Edward sent up an English force to smash up the monastery at Scone, perhaps because he knew that the monks had fooled him and had given him a fake stone. We also know that part of the Edinburgh Agreement (1328), made between Robert the Bruce and Edward III, was that the stone should be returned to Scotland. Bruce, however, never got it back and this did not appear to be important to him.

Now he knew he was dying by that time and he would have been keen to try and ensure that his son’s claim to the Scottish crown was legitimate in the traditional ways, so if England had the real stone, he would have wanted it back, but he did not press to have it back, because he knew that it was a fake and he knew where the real stone was.

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So, I did take interest when I noted that a half-empty Tory conference had been told that their champion, Union Jack, was “guarding the Stone of Scone” from nationalists. I could not have thought of a more appropriate occupation for a leading figure of the Scottish branch office of the English Tories to be engaged in.

If the Tories believe that having Union Jack guarding a fake lump of Scone stone, which was used to fool Edward the first in 1296, is the right job for Jack in 2023, who am I to question their wisdom?

Andy Anderson

WHAT a nerve you have, Humza, smiling and proud to send the Stone of Destiny to London.

There would have been more pride in refusing the use of the stone until London granted the request of a Section 30 order. Respecting each other should work two ways, not respecting Westminster wishes and accepting disrespect from them.

How dare you, when 75% of Scots could not care less about the coronation?

It’s another chance wasted by our government.

George Lennox

SIMPLY can’t believe all the time, comments, debates, money and resources spent on this old rock. It’s past is as dubious and questionable as the family who requires it to be under their posterior when they get the various headgear – which also comes with significant questions and issues to be resolved – dropped on their napper!

Let them keep it. As the song says “those days are passed now” and hopefully we won’t ever have such a futile meaningless ceremony within a Free Scotland in our vibrant and positive future.

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Can’t say I’m upset or concerned about this issue. I can recall 55 or 60 years ago short lessons about it during school history periods, but, as ever it was a very limited attempt at educating the masses in REAL and meaningful Scottish history. "Pathetic" and "neglect" spring to mind as words to describe actual Scottish history lessons back them.

The past has gone, the future is bright.

Forget the rock, but don’t forget our history.

Dougie Gray
via email

ROYALS fail to gain seal of approval from majority of Scots” was the heading of the piece by John Drummond in the Sunday National. This is yet another proof of the wish for independence.

The Scottish MPs hold a majority of Scottish seats in Westminster. The SNP/Green government holds power at Holyrood. Most Scots would have continued to be within the EU. The Scottish aristocracy seem to have a small role in the unelected House of Lords. Now the key part of King Charles and Queen Camilla in this charade which is the constitution of the UK has lost its grip on Scotland.

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The failure of the UK Government to agree a route to independence is yet another proof of the total lack of democracy within these shores, made even clearer by the loss of the faith in the quasi-religious monarchy.

Remember that in the Treaty of Union the succession of the monarchy is set out before the question of the parliament.

The true position was given by the Prime Minister in his speech to the Scottish Conservatives where he spoke of the “precious” UK. By this he admits that it is the value of Scotland to England that is key.

This has existed throughout the period of the Union, most recently in green energy. Once it was manpower in the navy and army. Shipbuilding, engineering followed. Oil and gas was the clearest ongoing example. Scotland is the last colony. England is still imperial, as the royal fortune indicates.

Iain WD Forde

HISTORIAN Tom Devine (I don’t recognise his knighthood, which raises questions about his impartiality and integrity as an objective historian) supports the monarchy and tells us on the BBC propaganda channel independence is “dead for at least a generation”.

Sorry, Mr Devine, you’re just plain wrong and not paying attention.

Come along to the anti-monarchy and independence rallies scheduled for coronation day and see for yourself just how wrong you are.

Jim Taylor