AFTER the public was urged to swear allegiance to King Charles during his coronation, The National took to the streets of Glasgow to ask people for their opinions.

The reactions ranged from vehement anti-monarchists who wouldn’t dare, to those who weren’t quite sure how to react.

King Charles’s coronation will include the first Homage of the People – an addition to the ancient ceremony which aims to see people across the UK and overseas swear an oath of allegiance to Charles.

Lambeth Palace said it hoped it will result in a “great cry around the nation and around the world of support for the King” from those watching on television, online or gathered in the open air at big screens.

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Most of the people we spoke with on the streets of Glasgow seemingly won’t be joining in this pledge of allegiance, with one interviewee calling it “weird”.

We did speak to one English resident – a committed pro-monarchist – who said she would absolutely pledge allegiance to King Charles. The royal family had “never let her down”, apparently.

A recent survey found that almost three quarters of people in Scotland do not care about the forthcoming coronation of the King.

The reactions we got on Monday seemed to suggest the same.