THE letter from RG Clark (Nov 29) regarding Anas Sarwar’s award of top prize at the Herald’s annual Politician of the Year ceilidh resonated with me, as you printed one from myself in a very similar vein when Ruth Davidson received her award in 2016.

Also in that year, pure comedy gold was mined when David Mundell was named “Westminster Scot of the Year”.

Mundell, for those fortunate enough to have forgotten him, was a Tory so utterly and pathetically useless that he stood out even in the Tory party.

However, could Sarwar’s award perhaps not be the sponsors attempting to give us a laugh, but an indication of something more alarming?

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In 2016, with Labour wallowing in the doldrums, the media apparently decided to pass the Unionist baton to the Tories, in the hope they might nick a few Holyrood seats.

Cue the “make Davidson credible” campaign, involving endless photo ops of a relentlessly jolly Ruth performing stunts.

The press campaign ran in tandem with BBC Scotland, whose staff seemed to be under strict instruction that in interviews there were to be no questions regarding her complete lack of meaningful social or environmental policies.

There were apparently also orders issued that under no circumstances was Davidson to be constantly interrupted when being interviewed.

In light of Sarwar’s sudden elevation to greatness, could it be the Scottish media has decided the Scottish Tories are toast, and under Sarwar Labour will once again be trusted to lead the charge: rebellious Scots to crush?

If so, look out for more press sycophancy and even softer kid gloves being donned when Sarwar is being interviewed on TV.

Malcolm Cordell
Broughty Ferry

EVERYONE in the independence movement, including the Scottish Government, should do more to counter the false Unionist narrative that independence is a distraction from tackling our day-to-day problems. On the contrary, the powers of independence, notably the ability to issue our own currency, are the key to resolving so many current disputes and seemingly intractable problems which are scarring the lives of ordinary people.

For example, an independent Scotland would be able to reduce electricity bills substantially because of our much greater availability of cheaper renewable energy resources in relation to demand compared with the position south of the Border. And an independent Scottish Government with its own currency would have much greater flexibility to respond to entirely reasonable pay demands from teachers and health workers than the present situation in which the devolved government is simply a user of Sterling and (much like private households) has to balance its budget.

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We could finally escape the appearance of being constantly reliant on the largesse of the UK Government to meet our needs – an illusion which has nothing to do with the UK’s “broad shoulders” but everything to do with the fact that the UK can issue its own currency and Scotland presently cannot.

We should take every opportunity to bring home to people in Scotland that independence is not an abstract concept but a practical way forward to improve all our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren.

John Randall
Isle of Lewis

ALISTER Jack and his cronies insist folk in Scotland should respect the outcome of the 2014 referendum while they don’t respect the promises they made of staying in the EU amongst other things. Let’s face it, despite what he says – that people will know when the time is right for Scotland to choose its future – the only reason they agreed to the referendum last time is that they were certain they were going to win and it would bury the issue for a long time. Cameron nearly lost his shirt over it, despite the Queen “purring”.

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Jack also claims that the SNP and Greens can’t fight the next Westminster election on a cherry-picked single issue as people vote for a whole manifesto. What if the only item on the manifesto is the referendum or independence? Come to think of it, the only thing worth putting in the General Election manifesto is the independence issue because in other areas we are ignored in Westminster and anyway these other matters refer more to the Scottish Parliament.

Since Labour have, foolishly, said they won’t work with the SNP, maybe SNP MPs should be less frequent visitors to the Commons to demonstrate more independence.

Hugh Walker

NUCLEAR energy may yet prove to be this nation’s undoing, and maybe the planet’s (UK’s ‘Great British Nuclear’ body will leave ‘toxic legacy for centuries’, Nov 29). Is there no end to the folly of Westminster? The nuclear issue is our most important reason for gaining independence and allowing sanity to prevail.

Iain R Thomson