DEAR Mr Sunak,

Who has Brexit actually benefitted? What is wrong with trading with our nearest trading block?

Did the European Union really frighten the Conservative party with their good ideas and their respect for the laws of each individual within each country so much that you cannot even look at a good idea about trading with it without being part of it?

Has the transparent, accountable Conservative government so much fear of being wrong that it cannot contemplate looking at a good idea sensibly?

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It is not even the European Union that is being suggested as being a model of trade. Good grief, it is the neutral, independent country of Switzerland and its method of trade with the EU that is being suggested. I personally don’t see anything wrong or potentially frightening in that.

After all, the reality has to be faced, as a social care worker I can confirm we are experiencing a severe shortage of staff in many industries, causing problems for public and private interests.

What is the potential hazard? We have worked with many people from Europe who obviously transparently, accountably, logically speaking did not take our jobs, now did they? They already understand life in the UK and obviously worked well alongside UK citizens. The only reason they are not here is because of a lack of a leave to remain certificate and, I believe, the racism of the Westminster system.

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We have always invited people from all over the world to trade, study and work in the UK. Closing the borders does not mean we need fewer teachers, doctors, nurses, care workers, shop assistants, technicians, bus and train drivers etc.

This is one of the saddest days I have ever experienced. Where is our welcome for multicultural diversity going to? Why are you insistent on making Britain less in the eyes of the world. Why can we not reverse some of the decisions we have made before we become just another island?

I am so glad that Scotland sees the future in a completely different way, believing that change is not frightening at all and welcoming the diversity of different cultures to her borders.

Please remember, Scotland and Northern Ireland did not vote for Brexit. In actual fact London did not vote for Brexit either. We have been forced to accept it and been dictated to by a government voted in by a minority of the whole population of the British Isles and a Prime Minister who has not been voted in at all.

Sandra-Anne Marshall
via email

I DON’T know what independence papers are still to be revealed by Nicola Sturgeon but I sincerely hope one contains a draft or proposed constitution.

I realise most people’s prime concern regarding independence is the economy, however I have several friends who tell me they are looking for something inspirational from our movement. A proposed constitution would address this and surely would make headline news in most media outlets.

Perhaps one of the “rights” in Scotlands constitution should the right of every citizen to free medical care from the NHS!

C Tait

LET’S face it, no-one wants to be unwell, no-one want to be taking medication daily, no-one wants to be going to hospital either for an appointment or a stay. However, unfortunately many find themselves, through no fault of their own, unwell and needing the services of the NHS. So the current headlines regarding the future of our NHS going down the road of charging for certain procedures is not only worrying, it is alarming for those who need the service of our NHS.

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Many with long-term conditions find themselves relieved that here in Scotland they no longer pay for prescriptions, eliminating the need to make choices of which medication is more important and should be prioritised. Any suggestion of charges for health care would only bring with it additional pressure on the NHS as patients’ conditions worsen due to the added stress of finding the finances.

Scotland’s Health Secretary Humza Yousaf and the First Minister have reiterated that the founding principles of the NHS are not up for discussion here in Scotland and this is to be welcomed and applauded considering the financial pressures we are all under, and the current stress on the services of our NHS.

Catriona C Clark

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GRIM enough that we have to endure the progress of Engerland dominating news broadcasts (common decency might have put, say, the Java earthquake first, if only for 10 seconds?), but worse that we have to see them taking the field in a snappy blue and white strip, while Scottish football – and rugby – teams persist in wearing the dismal dark navy. The new British flag, after the Union, incorporated the correct sky blue for ages; as for the excuse that it became navy blue to counteract a tendency to fade at sea, this sounds like tosh, but in any case modern dyes can deal with that. The deep navy-black of the huge Union flags now used to big up Downing Street press conferences etc is simply offensive.

Sadly, even the SNP government can sometimes be careless regarding this matter, but surely we don’t have to wait until independence to “encourage” the SFA, the SRU, tartan-tat emporia etc etc to GET IT RIGHT.

Next, the embarrassing dirge which has been foisted on us as a national anthem (by the same suspects)...

David Roche

MATT Hancock has been roasted for participating in “I’m a Celebrity” and he’s toast. Presently he is the camp chef, although he is yet to cook his own goose. Shortly he will be exchanging the camp fire in the jungle for the House of Commons jungle and will almost literally be “going from the frying pan into the ire!”

Bill Drew