BACK in 2014 at the time of the independence referendum, the Scottish Government fell into the trap of doing their homework, that well-known cultural Scottish school practice. The Scottish Government came up with and published a book outlining what they intended doing after independence. The other side did no such thing and came up with “The Vow”, which obviously scared enough Scots to respond to it by saying “Ah’m feart.”

A number of questions arise from this. Is there something genetically deficient in the Scots which make them different from the Danes, Norwegians, Irish, the Maltese and other small nations who have their own governments and constitutions?

This brings us to the notion of the so called “British constitution”. What is this mythical beast?

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There is no such thing as “the British constitution” as most countries would understand it. Their constitutions are written down and have clear roles for each part of government. British exceptionalism has led to rule largely by conventions which are defined by the ruling elite. The Empire is dead, but the imperialist mentality remains.

Britain has an unelected head of state whose role it is to say nothing of importance. The Queen/King role is to act as a figurehead. In other countries with constitutions the head of state says something about some aspect of the constitution.

Members of the House of Lords outnumber those of the House of Commons. We still have more than 90 members who inherited their titles! Many of the others are political appointees. It helps if you have enough money to donate to a political party.

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Most MPs in the Commons are in “safe seats”. Goverments are elected by fewer than 40% of those eligible to vote. Now some like Rees-Mogg believe we have a “presidential system”. It is astonishing that this was hardly challenged at all by any political party. And then came Truss. She was crowned by a tiny number of Tory party members in a truly Byzantine process.

“The British way” makes it easy to pervert even the “British constitution”. We have seen recently how easy it is to bypass parliament, attack the law lords, assault the civil service and mislead the head of state to name but a few.

In the coming independence campaign much more must be heard about the weaknesses of the “British constitution”. Those against independence must also do their homework and come up with a defence of their position, preferably in book form.

Scots must also stop singing Scotland’s national anthem – Michael Marra’s Hermless – and accept responsibility for the future of Scotland and its people.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Milton of Campsie

IMAGINE you are the next leader of the Conservative Party.

The devolved government in Scotland is seeking to become an independent nation. You are fighting this desire currently in Westminster and in the Supreme Court. Why?

Thinking from a Conservative perspective, should you not be saying please go ahead with indyref2? Should you not be promoting Scottish independence? Think of the considerable advantages that Scotland going its own way would bring to your party electorally and to the remaining area of the UK.

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It would boost the prospects of future Conservative governments in the rUK since Scotland has not elected a majority of Conservative MPs in the last 60 years. In reality many Scots share Sturgeon’s view and detest the “Tory party”.

It would remove a very vocal element in the negative-thinking anti-growth coalition which has been holding back progress economically since 2010, made even worse now with the role the Greens play in Holyrood.

It would reduce the financial burden on the rUK Exchequer constantly having to subsidise Holyrood via the Barnett Formula.

It would eliminate the SNP from Westminster and with it a constant thorn in your flesh at every PMQs.

The Conservative Party has so much to gain from Scotland leaving the Union, particularly with the need to reduce public spending to balance the country’s finances in the very near future.

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Every reader of the Daily Express, Daily Mail or the Telegraph knows just how expensive it is to keep Scotland within the Union. Grant Scotland its indyref2 and hope that the Scots go for it this time. Think how much better off rUK would be without a nation of subsidy junkies constantly draining much-needed resources away from Westminster.

There could, of course, be some reasons that are not being articulated as to why the Conservative Party wants to keep Scotland in the Union. Could it simply be that a paternalistic Conservative Party wants to look after the welfare of any errant Scots silly enough to think of leaving a high-functioning democracy like the UK?

Aye, right.

Alan F Smith

HOW did we end up in this mess of financial ruin under an incompetent government at Westminster, rudderless and lacking leadership!

The Conservatives have a lot to answer for as they not only did their utmost to bankrupt the country, they have governed with sleaze and lies, corruption and revolving doors.

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We need leadership, and a government focused on the issues facing the country. Yet what do we have? A Conservative party fighting like ferrets in a sack, too busy fighting amongst themselves, with absolutely no focus on the issues of the day.

The country now finds itself awaiting its third PM this year – an outrage, considering only one got a mandate from the country. Demands are loud and clear for a General Election, so why not? Standing in the road are many Conservative MPs who would find themselves joining the job market, which would be the only just conclusion to this awful scenario the country has been put in.

Catriona C Clark