NICOLA Sturgeon has demanded a General Election following the resignation of Liz Truss as Prime Minister after just six weeks.

The Tory leader conceded on Thursday afternoon she had no mandate to govern and had informed the King of her intention to step down.

The First Minister said the chaos which has engulfed the Conservative Party since Truss’s election was “beyond hyperbole and parody” and said another election was a “democratic imperative”.

She tweeted: “There are no words to describe this utter shambles adequately. It’s beyond hyperbole - & parody.

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“Reality tho is that ordinary people are paying the price. The interests of the Tory party should concern no-one right now.

“A General Election is now a democratic imperative.”

Annoucing her resignation, Truss said: "I was elected by the Conservative party with a mandate to change this. we delivered on energy bills, and on cutting national insurance.

"And we set out a vision for a low-tax, high-growth economy that would take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit.

“I recognise though that given the situation I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.

“I have therefore spoken to His Majesty the King to notify him that I am resigning as leader of the Tory party.”

The First Minister also appeared to confirm Truss served her entire premiership without making contact. 

In response to a tweet about the controversy, Sturgeon said: "If [Truss] doesn’t mind, I’ll now just wait for whoever will become the 5th PM (so far) during my time as FM."

She joins Labour leader Keir Starmer in calling for an election.

He said: “The British public deserve a proper say on the country's future.

“They must have the chance to compare the Tories’ chaos with Labour’s plans to sort out their mess, grow the economy for working people and rebuild the country for a fairer, greener future. We must have a chance at a fresh start. We need a general election - now.”

Truss’s successor will be appointed within a week, it has been confirmed and she will remain in post until that happens.