IRRESPECTIVE of the inevitable results of the horse-trading as political parties seek to seize control of our councils – as happens after every council election since the introduction of single transferable vote – it is clear that the main winners in the council elections were the SNP, closely followed by the Scottish Greens. Yet again another election is won by independence-supporting political parties, providing another mandate for independence. Every passing day highlights the need to take control of our country as soon as possible. Rising prices for food and fuel only exacerbate the need for independence.

However, yet again, we’re seeing more proof that the Prime Minister is not only a serial liar but has broken his own Covid regulations yet again. As the Good Law Project has highlighted, there are serious concerns about the role of the Met Police in dealing with this case. Initially they didn’t want to investigate “historic” crimes and were prepared to accept the Prime Minister’s word that no rules were broken – I don’t believe they offer the same assurances to other potential criminals in their area!

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The longer we remain in a Union with a political system that allows its Prime Minister to consistently lie to parliament and public, that allows senior Cabinet ministers including the Prime Minister and Chancellor to be fined for breaking the rules they impose on everyone else, that puts up with the complete disdain for the problems facing people by the economic chaos released by their incoherent policies – while at the same time lining the pockets of themselves and their followers – the more difficult it will be to recover from the damage inflicted by Westminster rule.

People are suffering now, we can’t keep putting off the campaign for independence, we need independence and we need it NOW!

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

AS I write this letter, I know six local authorities where Labour has rolled out the red (or should that be blue) carpet for the Tories to enter power. I expect that there will be more in the coming days. Labour fought the local elections on a campaign to tackle the cost-of-living crisis; now, they are happy to throw this to the wind by buddying up with the party whose Westminster counterparts are wholly responsible for this mess.

Their rationale appears to be little more than constitutional tribalism. It is not for council chambers to address the constitutional question. Scotland needs progressive politics at the local level, promoting health and well-being, delivering effective public services, and taking every viable step to address the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency.

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As a (supposed) left-wing party, by working with the SNP, Greens and independents, even the Liberal Democrats, Labour would be critical to unlocking a progressive local agenda. Instead, they are turning their backs for the pettiest of reasons.

For so long now, I have given Labour the benefit of the doubt because many of their supporters are for independence. I have reached the end of my rope, Labour has lost all my respect, and I doubt they will ever get it back.

Andrew Scobie

TO all the Labour and LibDem councillors supporting or taking support from the Tories to form administrations to block the SNP (often the majority party), remember you are conspiring with Boris Johnson, the lying charlatan, and with Partygate criminality!

Rab Doig

INTERESTING reading Gary Smith’s account of BBC Scotland’s supposed coverage of Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to US (‘No blackout of the FM’s visit to US’, May 19). Let me tell you what I think a blackout is.

It’s when you have a fledgling independent country that requires information and facts about what its future might look like, but the BBC in Scotland makes a conscious decision to avoid interviewing professionals, academics, economists etc who believe Scotland can run its own affairs.

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It is when it doesn’t get Glen Campbell to give an honest, unbiased, insight into the pros and cons of an independent Scotland and does not direct its journalists to research and make programmes about why Scotland continues to show a desire for a different approach, politically.

It might be when, as a public service broadcaster, its job is to inform the public and let them discuss the merits or otherwise of independence but ignores the whole constitutional question. Or maybe has a few interviews with supporters of independence to hear their views.

None of these happen on BBC Scotland News and I doubt they ever will and that’s because there IS a blackout when it comes to independence and Mr Smith knows that. Does BBC Scotland News have the courage to cast off its “branch office” credentials and begin to treat its viewers in Scotland as mature, intelligent people, or will it continue to feed us a menu of SNP bad, more murders, drug deaths and football?

Keith Taylor
via email