THE SNP have taken control of a council previously run by a “Better Together” arrangement of Unionist parties – with women dominating the local authority’s top roles.

The SNP group in Midlothian have secured support to run a minority administration after coming first in the elections earlier this month.

Kelly Parry has become the leader of the council and Debbi McCall was unanimously elected as provost.

It is thought the council is unique in Scotland currently in having women in the top roles of council leader, provost, chief executive and a gender-balanced cabinet.

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Colin Cassidy was appointed deputy council leader and Connor McManus was appointed as deputy provost.

Parry (below) thanked Labour and Conservative councillors for supporting McCall’s appointment to her role, which functions as the chair of council meetings as well as being the ceremonial head of the local authority for official purposes.

The National:

Derek Milligan, the Labour councillor who previously led Midlothian, was praised by Parry for his “absolute dedication” over the last five years, reports the Midlothian View.

The previous administration was formed by an arrangement between the Tories and Labour with Conservative councillor Peter Smaill elected provost.

Milligan said Labour councillors would not be using the term “opposition” to describe their group and said all parties had to work together over the next five years, the site reports.