The National:

ANDREW Neil is back on our screens – but not on GB News or some newly launched Fox News rip off.

Instead, he’s fronting a new show for Channel 4 “investigating the current turmoil in the Conservative Party”.

The doc will examine Boris Johnson’s “political fight” for what the veteran broadcaster called “the biggest leadership in crisis in three decades”.

In many ways, Neil is an ideal candidate for a show on Boris Johnson and Tory party chaos, being no stranger to leadership turmoil himself.

But choosing Channel 4 to run the documentary may come as a surprise to many, not least Neil himself.

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In a now-deleted tweet, the Scottish journalist replied to a user on Twitter on August 15, 2020 asking if he would consider working for Channel 4.

Neil dismissively replied: “Channel 4 is basically the broadcast arm of the Guardian. Don’t think they’d have much interest in me.”

The National:

And while on GB news, Neil also criticised Channel 4 for its “leftish bias”.

Fast-forward to 2022, after quitting the BBC and then resigning as the chair of GB News, the presenter will be hosting the major news documentary on the network he previously attacked.

Some of his GB News colleagues were less than impressed with his pivot to Channel 4.

Host Dan Wootton tweeted: “Not surprised to learn Andrew Neil's next job is with Channel 4. Not even joking! The desperation...”

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Commentator Sophie Corcoran added: “Andrew Neil tried to ruin dozens of young producers, journalists and broadcasters careers by smearing them and GB News, and as it seems the only career he has ruined is his own …”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user wrote: “Andrew Neil doing a show on Channel 4 after criticising the channel is basically Christian Wakeford defecting to Labour after attacking Starmer's policies on a new cringe level.”

And another said: “I didn’t think Andrew Neil could lose anymore credibility but by filming a documentary for Channel 4, he’s done it.”

Hopefully for Neil this broadcast venture goes a lot better than his last.