GB News has announced it will play God Save the Queen at the start of live programming every day.

Starting tomorrow, the news channel will play the British national anthem at 5.59am.

Editorial director Michael Booker said it was a welcome addition to the UK television in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year.

He said: "We always promised we would celebrate what's good about our country when we can, and the Queen's 70-year reign is definitely worth celebrating.

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"We've chosen an uplifting instrumental version which, for our televisions viewers, will feature stunning scenes from across the UK.

"We think it's a lovely way to start the day."

The announcement was widely mocked on social media.

Scottish political commentator Angella Haggerty replied to the post: "'God Save GB News' would probably be the more urgent request, lads."

Twitter user Leo, said: "GBeebies confirms yet more none news programming. Still awaiting confirmation of when their first ever news programming will air."

Some of the channel's presenters announced the news while taking aim at the BBC

Host and Daily Mail columnist Dan Wotton retweeted the GB News announcement saying "if only the BBC were as patriotic".

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Darren Grimes didn't mention the BBC by name, but said "unlike other channels we won't forget the Britain part of our name".

Many GB News fans welcomed the news, saying it added "patriotism" back into British TV.

One reply by a fan led to an awkward tweet. Supporter Gary wrote: "About time someone had a bit of pride in the nation" with a picture of the Faroe Islands flag attached.

Another user replied: "That’s the flag of the Faroe Islands, a sovereignty of Denmark."