ANDREW Neil has rung in the New Year by provoking a public spat with his former colleagues at GB News.

Neil, who resigned from the channel after a matter of months despite being its founding chairman, sparked the argument with a snide tweet after the bells.

The former BBC interviewer wrote on Twitter: “Sky News coverage of new year so bad you can only conclude it’s been infiltrated by GB News.”

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Neil later explained that he had been annoyed by Sky News failing to broadcast Big Ben’s bongs live. He called it a “shambles”, saying that to see the famous bell ring live had been “all I wanted”.

His jab at GB News did not go unnoticed however, with several of his former colleagues at the channel hitting back.

GB News presenter Dan Wootton replied with a gif of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character yawning and saying the word “boring”.

Another of the channel’s presenters, Nana Akua, told Neil to “move on”. “We all have,” she added.

Alex Phillips, who presented a show on the channel alongside Simon McCoy, wrote: “The first sighting in 2022 of Arrogans Maximus Rufus Muta in its natural Twitter habitat, feeding off Claret as it lollops towards extinction.”

She added an emoji of a gorilla to the end of her tweet.

Commenting on Neil’s attack on GB News, Byline Times founder Peter Jukes wrote: “Hogmanay with a saucer of milk - miaow.”

Neil left the channel after having a spat with bosses about the amount of control he was allowed to have over GB News output.

The former BBC host also criticised the channel for becoming a "Ukip tribute band".

He told the Daily Mail that the fall-out had left him so angry that he could not even bring himself to say the name of the channel’s boss, Angelos Frangopoulos.