I FEEL I must congratulate Andy McIver on the way that he has upheld democracy recently, as Unionists seldom do, while still holding to his personal views (Former Scots Tory media chief: ‘Union is dead’, November 18). He seemed to me to be someone one could at least debate with rationally and disagree with amicably. I wish there were more Union supporters of like attitude.

My main point is one that strikes me constantly. Time after time, we hear Unionists complain that we cannot vote for independence as we do not have a central bank, do not know what current we will use, or what defence we will have etc, etc. Where have these people been living? Information on almost all the topics, of which they bemoan a lack of information, have detailed proposals expertly worked out and readily found in the public domain, and Zoom meetings on these subjects abound.

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I myself have read many informative documents and joined numerous virtual meetings providing just such information. That these people keep complaining of a lack of information can only be because they are either denying its existence or are deliberately refusing to look for it, because it does not fit their agenda.

I am happy at any time to discuss the pros and cons of independence with anyone, but merely ask that they are willing to debate amicably on the basis of available information with which they have acquainted themselves.

Preserve me from the bigots who refuse even to look for justifiable arguments!

L McGregor

COULD the mainstream media being misconstruing the Prime Minister’s meaning when he said that Scottish devolution was a disaster?

He could well have meant that Scottish devolution was a disaster for the unity of the United Kingdom. This would certainly ring true.

Stuart Gray