A FORMER Scottish Tory press chief has said the "Union is dead" after Boris Johnson's told MPs devolution had been a disaster.

Andy Maciver added he was speechless after the Prime Minister's comments - made in a Zoom call last night - suggested they showed the Westminster Conservatives didn't understand "what's going on".

Johnson also told 60 Tory MPs that he believed devolution was former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair's "biggest mistake".

"If it's an accurate read-out, then it's an indication that they really don't understand what's going on. If this is government policy, and remains so, then the Union is dead. Scotland first. Then NI. Maybe even Wales. And a chasm between north and south in England," wrote Maciver on Twitter.

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He added: "Sometimes even after all these years I'm speechless. If the SNP could write the UKG strategy, it would look exactly like this. Exactly."

Johnson's intervention came just days after London-based journalists were briefed that the PM wanted to reset his position on the Union and offer and strike a more positive relationship relationship with the Scottish Government.

It provoked fury across the political spectrum in Scotland with Scottish Tories keen to distance themselves from the PM's comments and stress that devolution had been good for the country.

Johnson also said that he does not “see a case” for handing down further powers from Westminster to the devolved nations.

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The Prime Minister’s comments came despite repeated claims from his party that the Internal Market Bill represents a “power surge” for Scotland.

European expert Dr Kirsty Hughes was among the figures who hit out at Johnson's comments.

"Disastrous for devolution is UK govt internal market bill which is disastrous too for UK reputation/ trust internationally; Tories non-stop Brexit obsession disastrous for remain-voting Scotland - jobs, schools, economy, culture; mismanagement of Covid disastrous - Tory list v long," she tweeted.