EVERY election I am constantly surprised by the amount of people who are shocked by the dismal election coverage given to the SNP. To the British media, Scotland is nothing. We are insignificant in their eyes and treated with utter contempt – so much so they can’t even get the name of the SNP correct, and care little about any complaints they receive.

Of course, with the commercial broadcasters like ITV and Sky there is a limit to what can be achieved by complaints, so maybe instead of complaining to the broadcaster we should – en masse – complain to any company that advertises during the election coverage. Let them know that they are guilty of diminishing Scotland’s voice in the election and that all Scottish viewers will bear that in mind when buying any of the goods or services they provide.

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The BBC is slightly different in that they are meant to be a public broadcaster but more often come across as a public school broadcaster. However, the solution is relatively easy – encourage all SNP supporters to legally withdraw from paying the TV tax (sometimes known as the TV licence).

Cllr Kenny MacLaren