THE SNP have penned a complaint to Sky News and Ofcom about the “deeply undemocratic” plan to exclude them from its TV election debate.

SNP business convenor Kirsten Oswald has written to Sky News chief John Ryley and Ofcom calling for the party to be included in any debate – and warning the issue could be tested in the courts if it is not swiftly resolved.

Sky News announced plans for a programme with Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson on November 28, excluding the UK’s third-largest party.

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Commenting, Oswald said: “The disgraceful decision to exclude the SNP from the Sky News debate is deeply undemocratic and completely inexcusable. This is another example of the Westminster establishment closing in on itself and showing no regard for Scotland.

“The SNP is the third party in the UK Parliament, the governing party in Scotland, and as past election results and current polling shows – the party most likely to retain this position and hold the balance of power after the election – there is no excuse for shutting us out and silencing Scotland.”

Oswald’s comments come after Nicola Sturgeon said that the broadcaster’s decision “defies democracy” when questioned by Kay Burley on Sky News.

The First Minister also told TV news outlets and other party leaders to “stop running scared”.

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Oswald said it was vital that the SNP were involved in any televised debate ahead of the election on December 12.

“This election will be one of the most important in Scotland’s history,” she said. “The result could determine the UK’s relationship with the EU and the course of Scotland’s relationship with the UK – making it all the more crucial that the SNP are fully included in the debates.

“Polls show the overwhelming majority of voters in Scotland and across the UK agree that the SNP should be included in the debates. It’s time Sky News and other broadcasters stop short-changing voters and do their job by recognising the multi-nation, multi-party nature of UK politics.”

Read Oswald’s letter in full here.