A SCOTTISH Greens MSP has signalled he will not back Labour’s attempts to topple Humza Yousaf’s government.

Green MSP Mark Ruskell responded to Anas Sarwar’s announcement that Scottish Labour would table a confidence motion against the Scottish Government.

It comes after the Tories tabled a motion against the First Minister himself.

Ruskell said: “Labour clearly don’t want this motion to pass.

“It was the poor judgement of Humza [Yousaf] in ending the Bute House Agreement that is in question, not the record of the SNP/Green [government].”

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It is the strongest signal so far the Greens may not back Scottish Labour’s motion, which Sarwar had been hoping may have proved more palatable to them than siding with the Tories.

Labour’s business manager Martin Whitfield is said to be meeting with Green MSPs later today to persuade them to side with his party.

While the Tory amendment focuses more narrowly on the point of tension between the Greens and the SNP – Yousaf’s decision to bin the Bute House Agreement – there is pressure from grassroots members not to side with the Conservatives.

But Labour’s motion is viewed as more likely to precipitate an early Scottish Parliament election because it would trigger the resignation of the First Minister in a way not guaranteed by the Tory motion.

If the Parliament was unable to agree on a successor first minister, the country would go to the polls after 28 days.