The Scottish Greens are to back a vote of no confidence into First Minister Humza Yousaf, it has been confirmed.

Co-leader Patrick Harvie confirmed the party had made the decision as he spoke on BBC Radio Scotland on Thursday evening. 

It comes after Yousaf kicked the Greens out of government, ending the Bute House Agreement

In the wake of the decision, the Tories tabled a no confidence motion in Yousaf - which Labour, LibDems and the Greens have now all indicated they will back. 

In the scenario that all SNP MSPs back Yousaf and all opposition MSPs vote against him, the SNP chief's fate lies with Alba MSP Ash Regan. 

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Greens MSP Harvie told the BBC on Thursday night: “It’s for the Presiding Officer to chose a motion if one is presented.

“The only one I’ve seen in draft is a motion of no confidence in the First Minister. If that’s selected, we would have to vote for that.

“It’s very clear that Humza Yousaf has decided to burn his bridges with the progressive, pro-independence majority that was established in the Bute House Agreement.”

Meanwhile in a statement, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “When we voted for Humza Yousaf’s appointment last year, it was on the basis that we would continue to work together to deliver the progressive policy programme as laid out in the Bute House Agreement.

“We supported him in order to deliver rent controls, a ban on conversion therapy, a new national park, and increased action on the climate emergency. It was based on a commitment to constructive ways of working together.

“His decision today to end that agreement has without doubt called into question the delivery of that programme. It came with no reassurance that his minority government would continue with these objectives.

“And it abruptly ends the pro-independence majority government which the public voted for, and which members of both parties supported.

“Therefore Scottish Green MSPs will support a vote of no confidence against the First Minister if such a motion comes before Parliament in the coming weeks."

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Regan, Alba’s sole MSP, has said she will be writing to the First Minister regarding her decision to support, or vote against, the motion.  

The text of the motion, lodged by Scots Tory leader Douglas Ross, states: “That the Parliament has no confidence in the First Minister, in light of his failures in government.”

Yousaf would not be forced to resign if he lost a no confidence vote. It will instead be up to him on how to respond, and there would likely be intense pressure on the SNP chief.