SCOTTISH Labour have announced they will be lodging a vote of no confidence in the Scottish Government.

It comes the day after Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said he would be lodging a no confidence motion in Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Labour motion goes further than that of the Scottish Tories in that it could potentially lead to an early Holyrood election.

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Here’s all you need to know.

What does the latest no-confidence motion mean?

The key difference between the motions is that Yousaf and all Scottish Government ministers would be required to resign should Scottish Labour’s motion of no confidence pass.

By contrast, Douglas Ross’s motion of no confidence is specifically in Yousaf.

Should the First Minister lose Ross’s motion, he would not be compelled to quit, although realistically the pressure on him would be immense if he did not have the confidence of the majority of MSPs.

Could a Holyrood election be called?

If the vote of no confidence in the entire Scottish Government passes, this does not automatically trigger a Holyrood election either.

In that case, the Parliament has 28 days to choose a new FM via a simple majority.

However, if it is unable to do so, then the Scottish Parliament would be dissolved and a Holyrood election called.

What has Anas Sarwar said about the motion?

The motion in the Scottish Government was only confirmed this morning, so it’s yet to be confirmed when this would take place or who is backing it.

We already know the Scottish Greens are to back the no confidence vote in Humza Yousaf, as are the Scottish LibDems, Scottish Labour and the Scottish Tories.

Ash Regan has written to the FM saying her “door is open” with regards to the vote and called for a “reset of government”.

Commenting on the motion, Sarwar said: “It’s a matter now of when – not if – Humza Yousaf steps down as First Minister.

“It would be untenable for the SNP to assume it can impose another unelected first minister on Scotland.

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“Scottish Labour has no confidence in Humza Yousaf or this SNP government – that is why we are laying a motion today to this effect to say that the parliament has no confidence in the Scottish Government.”

He called on MSPs across the Parliament to support the motion because “it is for the people of Scotland to decide who is first minister, not just a group of SNP members”.