A SUSPENDED Scottish Labour councillor resigned her party membership following what she described as a “character assassination”.

We previously told how Glasgow councillor Audrey Dempsey was suspended from the party after being accused of making racist remarks.

She claimed “racist attacks on white children and teachers” had been rising in schools across the city.

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Dempsey was suspended from Scottish Labour but has since said concerns she had raised about the direction of the party and its politics had been “simply ignored”.

In a post on Twitter/X, she said: “Instead the reaction of some has been to attack my character and reputation with cowardly leaks that have deliberately been twisted to fit a narrative.

The National:

“I joined the Labour Party as I have a deep desire to fight for working-class communities who need a real champion, I thought they did too.

“I now see that while I still hold these values close to my heart, the party does not.”

We also revealed how Dempsey was hailed as “brave” by the leader of a far-right ethno-nationalist party.

A Scottish Labour spokesperson confirmed that Dempsey is no longer a member of the Labour Party.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council meanwhile commented: “We are not aware of any rise in incidents of this kind across the city.”

The row comes after Labour suspended an election candidate last week after she was accused of liking a number of racist posts.

Wilma Brown, the Westminster candidate for Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy, appeared to delete her Twitter/X account after The National exposed her behaviour on social media.

The Labour Party have said that they take all complaints seriously.