A GLASGOW Labour councillor suspended over a race row has been urged to stand down after promoting a far right party chaired by a former BNP organiser.

We previously told how Scottish Labour suspended Audrey Dempsey after she liked a number of tweets about “anti-white racism,” including some posts slamming her own party.

Now, the Daily Record reports that Dempsey has liked tweets which talk up the far right Homeland Party and accuse Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar of “anti-white hate crime”.

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The councillor told the newspaper her “honest defence” is she was not aware of the Homeland Party when she liked the posts although Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie has urged her to stand down.

Liked Tweets

One of the posts liked by Dempsey said: “Shocking to see you suspended for standing up for Scottish children, shows where Labour’s priorities are.

“The @Homeland_Party is the only party that will truly support our people.”

She also liked another post which claimed that “those who stand up for the natives are treated disgustingly” and added: “@Homeland_Party stand by their candidates and don’t abandon the good people who care about their constituents.”

Another liked post meanwhile said Dempsey should “look into” the Homeland Party “whose primary focus is to the rights of our native populations”.

Dempsey also liked another post which said: “I reported the Scottish Labour Party and Anas Sarwar to the police for an anti-white hate crime.

“Thank you for standing up for constituents in the face of these far-left thugs in power.”

Homeland lists its official HQ in Kirknewton in West Lothian and was formed as a splinter organisation from the extremist Patriotic Alternative.

The party has previously been accused of stoking anti-immigration hatred in Erskine, where an asylum hotel was opened last year.

The slogan on their website says, “put our people first” and also warned Homeland Activists are trying to wield influence in local groups and community councils.

Its chair Kenny Smith used to be a senior figure in the British National Party and his tweet on the Dempsey row was also liked by the councillor.

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It said: “Those who are genuine about standing up for the native Scots are starting to join the @Homeland_Party in increasing numbers.

“Glaswegians have been neglected and abandoned by the Labour and SNP who chase certain bloc votes to gain power. Glasgow deserves better. Put people first.”

Councillor response

In response to the latest row, Dempsey told the Record: “I have only heard of the Homeland Party through these comments and knew nothing about them.

“I am not a regular user of this app so unfamiliar with users and navigation, and am only on so much these past three days due to the extremely high number of notifications I’m receiving.

“I literally open the notification and if its supportive, I like it and close the app again as I simply don’t often have the time to scroll.

“I would say I will be more vigilant in future but I will be closing the app for myself altogether.

“Not being aware of them or knowing any of the background is my honest defence. I didn’t think about the sender, only the support as it is reassuring that people are willing to publicly support me and more so because they are in agreement.

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“I am not endorsing anyone, I am merely appreciating the gesture of support in this situation, from everyone.”

Call to stand down

Green MSP Harvie (below) called on Dempsey, who is still listed as “Scottish Labour” on the Glasgow City Council website, to stand down.

The National:

“Glasgow is a vibrant, diverse and welcoming city. Councillor Dempsey’s ignorant views and apparent support for a fringe, racist organisation are contrary to everything this city and Scotland stands for,” he said.

“It’s increasingly concerning that those who openly support bigoted views keep getting selected as Labour candidates.

“Anas Sarwar needs to take a serious look at his party and ensure this is rooted out before it can do any more damage to our communities.”

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously. They are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate action is taken.”