A SCOTTISH Labour candidate has been called out for liking and sharing “dozens and dozens” of  “racist, Islamophobic and transphobic” posts on social media.

Wilma Brown, who is running in the Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy constituency where Alba’s Neale Hanvey is MP, has been accused of spreading “conspiracy nonsense” by a resident of the area, Adam le Grice, who has compiled a thread of offensive posts she has liked and retweeted on Twitter/X.

These include posts suggesting First Minister Humza Yousaf once said at Holyrood there were “too many white people in Scotland”.

The out-of-context viral clip – which has been repeatedly spread about by alt-right figures – is taken from a speech about racial injustice Yousaf delivered on June 10, 2020, when he was justice secretary.

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The full speech actually involves Yousaf explaining that positions of power in Scotland are predominantly held by white men.

Brown also appears to have shared serious misinformation claiming money sent to Gaza by the Scottish Government was for Hamas.

One post she shared said Yousaf “meets with Hamas and gives them £1/2 million of OUR money. These religious zealots shouldn’t be anywhere near our government.”

Other posts she shared spouted conspiracy theories suggesting Yousaf’s family getting out of Gaza was not “a coincidence”.   

Last month, she liked a racist post that told an Indian man who was expressing his love for England and its flag “you will NEVER be an Englishman” and “it is not your flag”.

She has also been found to have liked tweets calling migrants ungrateful and the SNP "Israelophobic" "right from the top”.

The National:

Other posts she has shared include ones calling Yousaf the “first minister of Gaza” and Green MSP Ross Greer an “extremist” for speaking at an event that saw activists block the entrance to the Scottish Parliament to prevent arms dealers from attending a reception lauding their industry.

Brown has also been found to have liked posts claiming trans broadcaster India Willoughby “incited trans activists” to “harass” TV judge Robert Rinder as well as tweets suggesting JK Rowling had “slain” the trans movement.

Le Grice has insisted the party must “expel” her and find another candidate.

He said on Twitter/X: “There are dozens and dozens of examples of racist, transphobic, Islamophobic tweets that Wilma has liked and reposted. Is this appropriate for a parliamentary candidate @FifeLabour @ScottishLabour? Do you endorse this candidate?

The National:

“The Labour Party need to expel her and get a better candidate who isn’t a horrible bigot like Wilma. I’ll be reporting her to the Labour Party, and I urge you to do the same.”

Brown has additionally liked posts claiming free bus travel for young people in Scotland is “for Neds”.

It comes after Scottish Labour suspended Glasgow councillor Audrey Dempsey, who is at the centre of a storm over her offensive social media posts and her intense focus on “anti-white racism”, which she claims is on the rise.

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Dempsey liked a tweet which asked whether the burqa – a full-body gown worn by some Muslim women which leaves only a small slit for the eyes – should be banned.

She also liked a tweet which said that “white lives don’t matter to the political class, media or justice system”, and another which spoke about the “[Black Lives Matter] agenda”.

Brown – a former theatre and anaesthetic nurse – is currently the chair of Unison Scottish health committee and also sits on Unison’s UK health service group working at a UK level in developing policy, terms and conditions for staff and issues relating to devolution in a partnership agreement with NHS employers and government.

The National:

She has served as a board member and chair at The Cottage Family Centre in Kirkcaldy and has been involved in the setting up of The Big Hoose Project which repurposes surplus goods to families affected by the cost of living crisis.

Brown and Scottish Labour have been approached for comment.