THE SNP have launched a revamped Yes Scotland website with the aim of “empowering” Scottish independence activists.

The party says the new project comes with support from the new Research and Rebuttal Unit, which was promised by First Minister Humza Yousaf during his leadership campaign back in March.

Depute SNP leader Keith Brown also said the unit would be coming soon during an SNP conference speech in October, but details on the work have been scarce.

It is now understood that party staffers have been working in the background to set up the website and get the Research and Rebuttal Unit going over the past few weeks.

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Yes Scotland was originally the cross-party campaign for independence back in the run-up to the 2014 referendum, however the SNP alone have used the branding of "" since 2019.

The revamped website is now set to host a range of resources and information relating to independence and will be curated by the party.

Those involved in its production are promising explainers on key topics, Q&As with central figures, new graphics for members and branches, as well as much-asked-for rebuttals to common Unionist claims.

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There will also be leaflets available addressing key questions often asked about independence – like what will happen to the NHS, pensions, the Border and our currency.

The National: Humza Yousaf

Yousaf said the launch of the site is evidence that he is delivering on his leadership campaign pledges.

“I am delighted that we are launching the new Yes website today with a whole host of resources for activists to use to campaign for the better future we know is possible as an independent country,” he said.

“The resources on the website will be updated regularly to reflect the discussions taking place in our communities so that all of our hard-working activists are armed with the tools they need to speak to people the length and breadth of the country about the opportunity independence has to offer them.”

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Yousaf, who promised he would be the “first activist” for SNP members in his push for the top job, said independence would be won on the doorsteps.

“That’s where our top-class activists thrive,” he said. “And the Yes website will further empower people to lead from the front when they are having these conversations.”

With this week’s news that the Scottish Secretary would be pursuing the Holyrood government for legal costs in the Section 35 row, and the latest revelations in Michelle Mone’s PPE Medpro scandal, Yousaf said Scotland needs action to stop the “broken Westminster system dragging Scotland further down”.

“We all have a part to play in getting us there – and this resource will be crucial in helping the Yes movement deliver our positive message to the people of Scotland."

The National: Keith Brown accused Scottish Labour MSPs of using 'weasel words'

Meanwhile, writing in The National to mark the relaunch of the service, Brown reiterated the work going on in the party to give confidence to activists.

The MSP celebrated the existing work on social media and hailed the newly launched SNP WhatsApp channel, which sends the latest updates direct to members’ phones.

He added: “As the largest and most successful pro-independence party, it is the SNP’s duty to arm activists with the resources needed for the doorsteps in communities across Scotland and online – and to make a renewed case for independence – but it is all of our duty to use those resources and share them as widely as possible.”

The reworked site will be available to view on Friday.