THE SNP’s promised “rebuttal” unit to instantly respond to misleading claims about the independence campaign has failed to materialise – two weeks after it was due to launch.

The SNP's depute leader Keith Brown told delegates at SNP conference in Aberdeen on October 16 that the party's rebuttal unit would launch in the next week.

However, there has been no output from the new party project since the announcement three weeks ago– and activists have noticed.

“Where is the @theSNP rebuttal unit? Do they have an email, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - if not, why not?,” SNP member Al Morrison wrote on Twitter/X.

Another user said: “What’s happened to the rebuttal unit this time? Where is it?”.

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In 2018, the party launched a rebuttal “service” in the form of a Twitter/X account, @theSNPMedia.

However, the account is now used by the SNP's press office, with the most recent posts sharing debate topics SNP MSPs are leading in the Scottish Parliament.

Launching the new Fact Check account in 2018, Brown said: “The new @theSNPMedia Twitter account will be used to help amplify the SNP’s message, and act as a fact checking service covering erroneous claims by opposition politicians and news stories with factual errors or claims that are mis-representative.

“This channel will be popular with our supporters and will offer a more rounded view to all people interested in current affairs in Scotland.

The National: Keith Brown

In his keynote address to members in Aberdeen, Brown (above) confirmed the SNP rebuttal unit - which party leader Humza Yousaf committed to during the leadership campaign - would launch "next week", providing key information to activists to promote the work of the party and to rebut opposition narratives.

He said: "I am delighted to confirm that the SNP rebuttal unit will launch next week. You’ll see much more content on the party’s website and on social media in the coming months, clearly marked as coming from the rebuttal unit.

"Once information is published, it’s over to you - to share on leaflets, social media feeds and anywhere you see fit. I look forward to seeing the work of that rebuttal unit informing the debate on Scotland's future."

Humza Yousaf previously said work was underway by the SNP’s digital team on the project, and that he hoped it would be up and running by autumn.

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When asked by The National for the online location of the unit and an update on its progress, an SNP spokesperson said: “As the SNP continues to deliver for people across Scotland, we must challenge misleading information constructed by the Tories and Labour and are finalising the operation of the rebuttal unit, which will build on the party’s work in this area.”

Speaking at a Q&A with members at the South Scotland regional assembly in August, the FM said he had been doing a “fair bit of work” on the project during the summer months.

Yousaf added that SNP chief executive Murray Foote will have a key role to play in the unit.

The creation of an instant rebuttal unit was one of the plans Yousaf outlined as part of his pledge to become “first activist”.

This also included the kickstarting of a new Yes campaign and holding a series of campaign workshops across Scotland.