DOUGLAS Ross has been told off by the Presiding Officer for calling the SNP "the nats" in Parliament.

The jibe came as Ross responded to statements made last week by Net Zero and Just Transition Minister Mairi McAllan that world leaders were approaching the Scottish Government for advice "on how we have managed to lead the way so successfully on a number of fronts."

He said: "Of course, it would not have been asking the nats how to build ferries, how to build an education system."

The Scottish Tory leader also branded the First Minister "High Tax Humza".

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His comments were met with jeers and groans from the SNP benches.

The Presiding Officer spoke after the Conservative leader concluded his remarks, telling him: "It's very important that members address one another courteously, and that is using first names and surnames, and avoiding other such names."

Ross responded with an incredulous face, as the First Minister rose to respond.

The rules of the Scottish Parliament state that members "shall be referred to in any proceedings of the Parliament by name and, if the member wishes, by title, if any", excepting the Presiding Officer, who can be referred to by that name, and Scottish Government ministers, who can be referred to by their ministerial titles.