A CHIP shop owner in Inverness has hit back at comments made by a celebrity chef, claiming they “demean others in the industry”.

Owner of McLeod’s Fish and Chips, Dave McLeod, criticised Tom Kerridge for claiming that “most chippies” used old potatoes and cheap oil in their products.

The Great British Menu chef was defending the price of fish and chips at his restaurant after it garnered criticism.

Kerridge’s Fish and Chips charges £37 for a single portion of fish and chips.

However, Kerridge claimed that the price was down to the superior quality of the ingredients when compared to “most chip shops”.

He said: “The people criticising me don’t understand how it’s priced. Fish and chips was always seen as cheap, fast food, and I get that because of where I grew up.

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“[But] the fish in most chippies is frozen at sea, in a big block, a year ago, then cut up and portioned.

“The potatoes are maybe four weeks old, have gone through a chipper, been cleaned and put into cheap oil.

“They’re wrapped in paper, with malt vinegar and salt.”

He then said the fish sold at his restaurant in the luxury department store Harrods was line-caught and that the potatoes are “specifically sourced for their sugar and starch content, then individually cut up by a person”.

McLeod said Kerridge’s was taking a “pop at hard working businesses”.

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“Some of the words he used aren’t justifiable,” he said. “There’s no need to demean others in the industry just because he was under pressure to say something.

“There’s no denying he’s good at what he does, he offers great quality and many chefs look up to him.

“He’s done a lot for our industry and I have the utmost respect for him. I think what he’s done and is doing is fantastic.

“That’s why he should focus on supportive comments when talking to the press.

“He’s had a pop at hard-working businesses – I don’t understand it.”

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Speaking to the Press & Journal, McLeod made clear that sweeping comments about the freshness of fish at chip shops didn’t hold water.

“We get all of our product fresh from Peterhead,” he said. “Every day I have the name of the boat which catches the fish I use on a blackboard out front so customers can see.

“For our potatoes we also have a local supplier. I know for a fact we also have the same brand of fryers as Tom uses himself.

“I feel we do everything right. Not just me, but there’s a lot of hard-working and award-winning fish and chip shops between here and Aberdeen.”