THE Guardian columnist and political commentator Owen Jones has said that Scotland is “lucky to have” Humza Yousaf.

The Chavs author praised the First Minister’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict and noted that history will not judge the Westminster political establishment as kindly.

Responding to a tweet by Yousaf on X/Twitter, in which the First Minister fiercely criticised both the Prime Minister and Labour leader Keir Starmer for failing to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Jones said: “History will damn the Westminster political establishment for their complicity in war crimes and mass slaughter.

“But Humza Yousaf has offered leadership, moral clarity and incredible courage - all while his loved ones are in danger.

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“Scotland is very lucky to have him.”

The First Minister has said that Keir Starmer’s unwillingness to call for a ceasefire and condemn the ongoing violence in Gaza was “infuriating”.

During an interview with LBC, he said: “I cannot understand Sir Keir Starmer’s position, I cannot understand the Prime Minister’s position, and I ask them how many more children have to die before you join us and join many across the world, including the United Nations, and call for that ceasefire.

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“I call on all parties to commit to a ceasefire for the sake of those innocent children who are suffering so badly.”

It comes after Yousaf held back tears during an emotional statement to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

His parents-in-law are still trapped in Gaza after going there to visit family before Hamas’s attack on Israel.

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